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   Chapter 705 Beautiful As A Flower

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9873

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A war had started between Henry and Terence.

No matter how deep he hid it, Terence would still discover it sooner or later. Gary examined the whole situation and offered Henry a deal. It would be all good for Gary's concern as long as Henry was willing to work together.

Though they were once mortal enemies, Gary was willing to set his hatred for Henry aside for a while and go against the main enemy - the An family. If Henry had the same viewpoint then there was nothing to worry about.

He had high expectations that he would receive a positive response from Henry.

However, Henry was a clever man, and he was the kind of guy who would cooperate only if there was some benefit for him to take advantage of. If there wasn't, then it would be hard for Gary to persuade him. Right at that moment, he was planning to let Henry realize that cooperating was worth a shot.

Meanwhile, in the Seaview Villa.

Carla had been staying home for several days, making her almost forget what the outside world looked like.

As she placed the brush on the table, she stretched her arms and then stepped towards the window. The calming sound of the waves of the blue ocean made her feel relaxed.

Fidgeting with the tracker that looked like a bracelet, she sighed. If she ever made a single step, the man next door would know where she was going.

After a while, her phone started ringing.

She turned her attention to the mobile phone on the table. She rolled her eyes and walked towards it. Standing in front of the table, she grabbed her phone and pressed the answer button.

"Hey, is it really important for you to check on me from time to time? I didn't go outside today."

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

"I believe you must be so desperate to go out, and that's why I'm taking you out tonight for dinner. Be my companion and I'll take you for a large feast." Terence said through the phone.

"I'm not going out with you. There's nothing enjoyable going to dinner," she murmured.

A few days ago, Kaylee took her to four dinner parties in a row, just to open up her eyes and lead her into the life of celebrities. She had almost been able to remain calm, and was able to adapt to it.

But being herself, she didn't really like that kind of event because she only felt so exhausted.

Under those friendly and kind gestures of everyone, smiling was their way to hide their true colors. Carla knew that they were planning something, God knows what. That was why she didn't like parties because aside from that, it was really tiring to talk with them.

"Are you sure? Everyone has to go with their companions. If you don't come with me, then I'll just arrange for someone else to go." A slight smile appeared on his lips.

As she heard him say that, she raised her eyebrow and leaned against the sofa. "Okay, if you say so. I know you are faithful to me and I always trust your devotion."

It was really normal for hi

erent. I am afraid I might lose you in the crowd when we're at the dinner party." He lifted her chin up and had a closer look at her delicate face.

Though he got used to Carla's natural face, this new look of hers made his heart go wild. It seemed that she had changed into another person, which was strange and familiar at the same time. Most of all, she was more beautiful than ever.

"Carla, you are like a queen now."

The beautiful evening dress made her look like a noble female celestial coming down from the cloud, dignified and beautiful.

She fluttered her long eyelashes with a wide smile, giving such irresistible elegance. "Then, what are you going to do to welcome your queen?"

"Well, I'll give my queen a long kiss. A kiss that she wouldn't forget that easily."

Without saying another word, he leaned closer and captured her juicy lips, moving their lips a bit.

She pulled away and looked at his lips. It was smudged with her rouge lipstick, making her laugh. "I think, it'll be great if you wear makeup."

A thought came up to her mind. She remembered that he had once worn a woman's clothes when they got married. It was according to the traditional rules of marriage. It was still fresh in her memory when Theo got enticed with his stunning look.

After hearing her words, he raised his eyebrows then looked at the rear-view mirror and saw the smudged lipstick on his lips. He shook his head and wiped it out using a piece of tissue. Then he turned to her with a smile. "It's not needed. I, Terence, am responsible for making money and taking good care of my family. Just like a soldier, I don't need to look fragile. I think a beautiful and delicate flower is responsible for it, and that's you."

Afterward, they started driving to a particular place until they had finally arrived at the dinner party.

Their driver, Nathan, parked the car steadily in front of the door of the banquet hall and then opened the door for them.

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