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   Chapter 704 The Meeting Between Gary And Henry (Part Two)

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"Mr. Bao...surely you understand I am pretty certain about what I know if I have come all the way here to see you personally... You have tried to hurt Steven over and over again. Did you really think I will never find out about it?"

Henry's mouth fell open. With firm, difficult steps, he walked to the chair opposite Gary and sat down with his arms crossed. He was still hesitant to admit what he had done, so he stayed silent and listened.

"Mr. Bao, you're a smart person. But now the situation in JA city is critical. Do you really think it's a good idea to be against your mayor instead of cooperating with him? We should never forget who our common enemy is. A lot of people are now aware of the position of the An family. We all want to replace them, but it's not something that can be done by you or me alone!"

Gary then paused, looking at Henry expectantly, but Henry had no answer. He then tapped the table with his forefinger and continued to speak.

"Perhaps you are aware about my relationship with the An family? I suggest that you put aside your boss' instructions and consider my advice. Don't work blindly, learn how to read the situation. You might even get a chance to kill two birds with one stone."

Henry's lips remained pursed. He brushed his hand on the soft wood of the table, plotting what he had to say now. "Mr. Su..." he said, finally raising his eyes to him. "You are a big shot the top leader of JA City. Isn't it condescending for you to co-operate with me?"

Gary closed his eyes and smiled, and then opened them again with a sense of determination in them. "Mr. Bao, I have a lot of responsibilities to take for this countr

oth him and me. There's no reason for him not to cooperate with me."

"Really? That's good. We can take advantage of him. You may rest assured now," said the secretary.

Gary closed his eyes. "We still need to be cautious. The An family isn't easy to take down. They still have great influence and power in JA City. If I want to take them down, I need to have a hundred percent chance of winning!" he said calmly.

Gary thought Marcus' downfall would only be prelude to destroying the whole family. But now, it seemed like they were ready to sacrifice Marcus to save their reputation. That was something beyond Gary's expectation.

Now he needed to think of another way.

He had even considered laying his hands on Carla to use her as leverage. But he couldn't do that after finding out she was Andrea's daughter.

Besides, he knew Steven, his own son, was protecting her.

At the moment, the only thing that could work in his favor was reaching out to Henry.

He was the best to cooperate with since he had just the right amount of power, money, brains and the most important, hatred for An family.

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