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   Chapter 703 The Meeting Between Gary And Henry (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6041

Updated: 2020-01-14 00:02

Seeing that she still remembered it, Terence held her hand and looked at her with a warm smile. Every time he looked at her, he was reminded of how much he loved her. "It's dark and cold out here. Let's get inside first..." he said, touching her arm gently.

Currently, they were standing at the door of the garage, feeling the chill in the air. The moonlight fell on Carla's skin, making it gleam.

They had gone around the neighborhood, talking about how their day went, how beautiful the night was. By the time they got back, it was already midnight.

As the neighborhood was close to the sea, the wind at night was especially strong during this season. The chilly wind struck Terence's body, almost making it shudder.

Carla too shivered at once. Without wasting another second, she threw herself into his arms, breathing in the warmth of his body. Terence put his hand at the back of her head, stroking it gently.

He couldn't help but smile seeing how Carla was stuck to him. Sometimes, she was way too cute! He then put both his arms around her, hugging her so tight that he almost squished her! He turned around, shielding her from the brisk, cold wind.

As soon as they entered the villa, they headed upstairs to their cozy and warm bedroom.

"Can I take the bracelet off from my wrist, now? My goodness, I feel so cold even my voice is trembling."

Her nose was red, lips dark, hair stuck to the side of her face. Terence took one look at her and wet his lips, letting out a small sigh. Before she could go any further, he suddenly pressed his lips to hers.

Carla resisted at first, and then indulged, letting his soft lips envelop hers. Meanwhile, she also understood this man had no intention of allowing her to take off the bracelet.

This happened every single time she brought

ermination in his eyes, and anticipation in Henry's.

"But you shouldn't have taken any action at this time. Do you realize you are already exposed?"

Henry was stunned. To hide his surprised face, he looked down and started to caress the diamond watch he was wearing on his wrist. He took some time to think of what he had to say. Then with his eyes still low, he said, "Please have a seat, Mr. Su... Let us talk with a little more detail, shall we? What are you talking about? I don't think I understand...

I am only a businessman. How dare I do something against a mayor?"

He shrugged his shoulders, as if he was the most innocent. He pretended like he didn't know anything, denying everything that Gary was claiming.

Gary raised one of his eyebrows. It appeared like it was going to take longer that he had thought. The reason he had come here today was because Henry had tried to lay a hand on Steven several times already.

Gary had to deal not only with his government affairs, but also pay attention to the An family. Now he knew Henry was trying to go after him. He couldn't pay attention to everything at once, so he came to see Henry personally so he could make a deal with him.

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