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   Chapter 702 Taking You For A Ride

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7274

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Terence was suddenly pushed against the wall by her. The strength that emanated from her arms made him smile. He took a look at the bracelet on her wrist and replied with a smile, "Yes. That was me. What's wrong with it?"

"What the hell is it? It feels so heavy. Take it off me!" Carla snapped at him and shook the bracelet on her wrist. It felt like she was in handcuffs.

Terence smiled and replied, "No. Just make do with it for now. I'll change it for you when a lighter one comes out."

Carla was stunned upon hearing his words. What did he mean? Was there anything special about the bracelet?

"It couldn't be a gold band that can be used to control me, right?"

She worriedly shook the bracelet once again and asked him.

"Of course not, it's just something to ensure your safety. You don't need to worry about it, just pretend it's not there. You'll get used to it." He pulled her arm down and revealed an enchanting grin. He kissed her lips before saying, "Carla. I'm a little hungry right now. Can we go downstairs to eat dinner?"

"You won't be going anywhere unless you take this off for me! I can't sleep with this heavy thing on my wrist!"

Carla said as she placed her arm in front of his face again.

Terence kissed the hand in front of him in response. "Carla, please be a good girl. Your man is starving to death right now. Let's talk about this after dinner, okay?"

"Well, promise first, you're going to do it!"

Carla said as she stepped forward.

Terence smiled and held her hand instead. "Come on. Let's go downstairs and have dinner together," he urged.

He went downstairs with Carla in tow.

During dinner, Andrea announced her decision that she was going back to HA City the next morning.

"Grandma! I don't want you to leave! Please stay for a few more days!"

Sally said as she pouted and grasped Andrea's hands.

"I'm sorry Sally, but there's something urgent for me to deal with back in HA City." Andrea turned to look at Carla as she said.

The truth was, she didn't want to leave her grand-daughter. But there were a lot of things she had to deal with, in the Hua family, she had no choice but to leave the next

it was neither of those.

Terence brought Carla to the garage, got on his motorcycle and handed her a helmet.

"Come on! I'll take you out for a ride!"

If you're in a bad mood, you can go out for a walk or a ride. The scenery and fresh air can help you cheer up.

Night in JA City was extremely beautiful. Although it was already late autumn, the streets were still bright and mesmerizing.

Carla hugged Terence's waist as they rode through the streets and lanes.

It was a long ride for them, but they enjoyed it.

"Are you feeling better now?" Terence asked her now that they're back at their house.

Carla nodded, she felt rejuvenated now. She hugged him with her cheek pressing against his coat. "Yeah. Thank you, Terence."

"Don't be silly. All of us have bad days. When we live in this world, we'll have to face numerous emotions; either happy or not. No matter how painful they are, they help us grow. This is what we have to face no matter the age.

"If you're ever in a bad mood next time, don't hold it in. Let it out!"

Terence said with a smile as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

Carla raised her head from his arms, looked at him with a smile and sneeringly said, "Good speech, as expected from the CEO of the AJ Group, you're indeed so eloquent."

"Now, are you going to follow your promise to take off the bracelet from my wrist?

Carla lifted her hand once more and put it in front of his face.

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