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   Chapter 701 A Strange Bracelet

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During that night, Gary rushed to the hospital as soon as he got news that

Steven was sent there.

"Steven, are you okay now?" The worrisome face of Gary appeared at Steven's side.

Steven was lying on the bed, still looking weak due to the medication given to him. The doctor had given him a small dose of something similar to a tranquilizer. The effect of the drug was quite strong that it made it difficult for him to get up.

At this moment, a bit of redness could be seen from his bright and handsome face, and it was evidently something caused by the medicine.

"Dad, you don't need to worry about me. I'm fine. But the whole thing that happened was too strange. Do you know who did it?"

Steven couldn't help but ask with curiosity while he struggled to try to sit up.

In the past, he had never asked too much about his father's business. This was also because Gary wouldn't allow him to do so, for he was worried that Steven might get involved in the problems. But now, the situation was getting extremely serious. He could no longer abide by his father's wishes.

They were exposed in the light, whereas the enemies were hidden in the depths of darkness.

The situation was clearly disadvantageous for them. If things went on like this, he wouldn't be able to protect himself.

"Damn it! Who else could it be? There was no denying the fact that the attackers were the subordinates from the Qu family. It was now evident that they're too cruel and cunning, obviously moving around with no remorse for their actions. They even dared to hire people from illegal channels! It's clearly apparent that the Qu family wants to steal the position as mayor from me. They had already tried to persuade me out of my status through negotiation and threats. Hmph! I refused them.

But I didn't expect that they would resort to this. They know that I only have one son... and that you are my only weakness. They did this as a warning to me."

Gary clenched his fists in anger. But since he had already rejected the Qu family, and with what they did to his son, he couldn't change his mind anymore.

If he had agreed to the Qu family's conditions and lived under their protection, then he would have had to obey their orders for the rest of his life without any right to deny them. If that ever happened, then there would be no way for him to fight back anymore, let alone to compete against the An family.

"Dad... What should we do then? We can't let them control us like this!" Steven's wrathful voice could be heard outside. He was not afraid of fighting against the Qu family. The only thing he was worried about was that innocent people might get involved in this because of him.

Fortunately, nothing too serious happened this time. Otherwise, he would live with the guilt to his grave.

"Steven, don't worry too much. I've already been searching for evidence

hat JA City isn't really that peaceful now. How about coming back to HA City with me?"

"Mom, it's useless even if I do that. If they're really insistent on what they're planning, then I won't be safe even if I escape to HA City," Carla held Andrea's hand and explained to her with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, I know how to handle this since I've already experienced all sorts of things. Trust me," she continued.

She wouldn't be scared by such a small incident after everything she had been through.

Andrea let out a sigh of relief after hearing Carla's words. She thought that what had happened yesterday was definitely not a small incident and what would happen to her in the future was too unpredictable, which was why it was even more terrifying.

"I'll go the temple to ask the fortune teller for some predictions for you. Please tell me when you can settle down. What the hell is happening nowadays? This is scaring me to death!"

Carla couldn't help but burst into laughter when she heard her mother's words, "Mom? When did you become so superstitious?"

"I can't help but believe them, now that you've suffered so much. There's a temple in HA City and I heard that their fortune tellers there work like magic. I'll tell you the results later."

Andrea passed the clothes to Carla and continued with her words, "You should get up now. You still have some things to do."

After that, Andrea left the bedroom.

Carla looked at the clothes her mother picked out for her and began to put them on. She still felt uncomfortable with the bracelet around her wrist since it was a little heavy.

But she had no other choice because she didn't know how to take it off yet.

As soon as Terence came back in the evening, Carla pulled him into their bedroom and extended her hand in front of him, while pointing the bracelet with her other hand.

"Tell me, did you put this bracelet on my wrist?"

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