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   Chapter 700 We Try Harder

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"What did you say? Are you afraid that I would run away?"

Carla rubbed her head on his arm.

As Terence finished the remaining cigarette in the ashtray from the windowsill, he held her waist with his hands.

"Why would I not be worried about you? You have your freedom to do so. If I didn't notice, you would leave me behind. I even have no idea where to start looking for you!"

The light smell of the cigarette from his breath fanned onto her face as soon as she looked upon him. "Well, it's different now. There's a thick rope pulling me from running away."

"What about Sally?" He raised his eyebrow.

"I won't fly away with her and even if I do, I'll just show up around." Giving him an assuring smile, she encircled her arms around his neck.

Ever since she gave birth to Sally, she felt as if there was a knot tied around her heart all the time. She always had to take care of her daughter first, no matter what happened.

She flinched when he slapped her hip.

"What are you doing?" She glared at him while rubbing her upper thigh.

"What about me? Do you have any place for me in your heart? Only your daughter matters to you?"

Jealousy was evident in his eyes at that moment. If one day he had to choose between Carla and his daughter, he would choose Carla without a doubt.

Though he cared for his daughter, Carla was much more important to him.

However, it looked like Sally was more important than him now.

"Of course not. I'm not done with my words yet. You are her biological father. Of course, I will also think of you while being trapped."

She tried to hold back her laughter and quickly pulled out from his arms before he could even respond.

But he was much faster than her because he grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his arms then groaned. "Congrats, you have successfully pissed me off. I suggest you better stay in bed tomorrow and don't go anywhere else."

"Why not?" She whined.

"Sally is the rope that keeps on dragging you, right? I think one is not enough so it's better to have more ropes for you."

Grinding his teeth, he leaned closer to her face then bit her lower lip. He scooped her up and walked towards the bed.

"Well, you are really brilliant if you can im

t say that it was effective. Even half a bottle of that could make him go wild. That drug made him so exhausted from all the sex. He wondered to himself if Steven was made of stone.

Not to mention, there was a naked woman wrapped in a bath towel, and Steven was even fond of that woman. He shouldn't have the power to control himself after taking a whole bottle of the medicine.

"But Mr. Bao, we even watched from the opposite building. And I'm telling you the truth, he really managed to control himself!" Depression was obvious to the man's face as he was also expecting that their plan would work.

According to the plan, as soon as Terence opened the door, the first thing that he would see was Steven and his wife having sex in that room.

However, it was as if they were unlucky enough because contrary to their expectations, Steven controlled his urges and prevented himself from touching the woman.

No one had ever thought that their plan would fail.

"Warn our men to be cautious next time. I know that Terence is a tough kind of man, and I'm afraid he would get his revenge." As he took another smoke, he turned around and went out of that room.

He clenched his jaw while thinking about another plan. If that didn't work, then he must make something else. He didn't expect that the idea to make the war between the Su family and An family more severe, would back fire and end up like that.

But it didn't matter.

There were plenty of opportunities in the future.

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