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   Chapter 699 Troubled Autumn

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7950

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But who was it that dared to lay his filthy hands on his wife?

Not only could he arrange people to come in and out of this club in JA City, but could also get his people upstairs without anybody noticing. What a capable man.

Moreover, he also went after the mayor's son. That was bold of him to do so.

"It's settled then. From now on, don't go out as much as possible unless you get my permission to do so. If you really have to go out, you have to ask one of our people to follow you closely wherever you go,"

Terence said with resolute eyes.

Until he found out who this person was and got rid of him or her, it would be better for Carla not to leave home.

Carla looked at Terence with the words at the tip of her tongue and swallowed them back because she knew he was thinking of her. What scared her the most was losing her freedom. It was fine that she was staying at home, but she needed to get his permission to go out? This wasn't something she wanted.

But now she could see that Terence was furious. Despite what she really felt, she reluctantly agreed with him for the time being and then decided to talk to him once everything cooled down.

"I got it,"

She looked down at the floor and answered obediently in a timid voice.

He saw Carla lowering her head, clearly upset about the circumstances. He raised her chin and kissed her lips. "Carla... There's a lot that's going on. I can't let you get hurt anymore.

The only thing that I want right now is that both of you and our daughter can safely stay with me. As for other matters, I wouldn't even care if it is the end of the world!"

Terence proclaimed while gazing at her eyes affectionately.

Carla nodded and proceeded to hug his waist. "Yes, I know honey."

After a while, Carla was taken back to Seaview Villa in order to be protected.

Clearly oblivious to the events that transpired, Sally ran to her mother as soon as she saw her.

"Mommy! I learned a new song in kindergarten today. I wanna sing it for you!"

She didn't directly go upstairs after hugging her mother since she wanted to prepare a show for her.

Carla felt a bit of the gloom in her heart lifted once she saw her daughter's innocent and lively face. She proceeded to put away the sadness on her face and put on a smile. She said, "Sure, I can't wait to see it! Just wait for me for a second okay? I ne

rity footage inside and outside of the club?"

Nathan nodded in response. "Yes, I'll check everything tomorrow to see if I can find any useful information."

Terence patted his shoulder with a sigh. "Thank you for your hard work. Someone's trying to hurt Carla. This means that he is not afraid of us. This type of person is extremely dangerous. This is why we have to find him as soon as possible!"

"Mr. Terence, Sir, don't worry. I'll have our people expand the search area and double their efforts," Nathan said with his head lowered.

Terence thought for a moment before continued, "Also, help me investigate whether our new mayor has offended someone in the recent years. And if he did, check if those people have any connections in JA City. This might help us a bit."

Terence grew more confused. He wondered who the true target of these people was. Him or Gary?

Or maybe... both of them?

Terence then saw Nathan off once their conversation was finished.

Terence went upstairs and entered the bedroom only to find that Carla wasn't in there. He turned around and heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. He opened the door quickly and finally felt relieved after he saw her. He sighed and went to the balcony.

Carla saw his worried face and couldn't help but think that he was being unnecessarily nervous about this.

After she came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, she headed towards the balcony and saw him smoking. She walked closer towards him with the intent of

hugging him from behind, but he suddenly turned around and embraced her.

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