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   Chapter 698 How Dare You Wear His Clothes

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6807

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Fortunately, it was the right time.

People were searching the rooms downstairs one by one when a loud noise grabbed their attention.

Two minutes later, Carla heard someone kick at the door.

Doors were opened one by one and finally, theirs was opened.

There was only relief in her when Carla saw the man who kicked the door open and she rushed towards him.

"... Terence, you're finally here!"

Carla heaved a sigh of relief and hugged him tightly. Her heart was still pounding in her chest.

"Are you all right?"

Terence held her in his arms and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she was fine. But his relief was short-lived when he saw Steven lying on the bed.

It only took one more look for him to notice that Carla was wearing another man's clothes and that made him frown.

"Why is he here?"

A coat was draped on Carla as Terence spoke coldly. "Did he do anything to you?"

Carla shook her head and also looked at Steven who motionlessly laid on the bed. "What can he do to me when he looks like that?"

If it had been another man, she would have been raped, but Steven managed to suppress his lust and ended up passing out.

"That's good. Let's go." Terence cradled her in his arms when he noticed that she wasn't wearing shoes.


Carla tugged at his clothes, pointed at Steven, "Let's get him out with us. He did what he could to protect me. He was drugged and passed out because he controlled his lust."

It was a fact that if Carla didn't tell him the truth, Terence would have no plans to save Steven because he was the son of the Su family.

But it was for Carla's sake and it was her request, so Terence decided to listen.

"Nathan, get him into the car and take him to the nearest hospital."

"Yes, Mr. Terence,"

Nathan replied and went to the bed just to find that Steven was lying still. He said to the bodyguard next to him, "Give me a hand. He passed out."

Those words made Carla pause and turn to say something, despite being carried out of the room, but T

ot more complicated the more she spoke and Terence just got angrier.

"Don't go just anywhere, if you have to be alone. I'll set up a private club for you. And reduce your shopping. Tell me which brands you like and I'll arrange for people to send the latest fashions to you on time,"

Terence said, frowning.

There was a thorough investigation to be carried out because he suspected that the Su family might be behind this.

But when he saw Gary's son there, he knew it was more complicated than he thought.

The invincibility the An family had enjoyed disappeared when his grandfather died.

There would definitely be someone hiding in the dark and secretly scheming against them.

There would be a lot of people who would be happy to take the place of their family.

"I know. It's just an accident today. I'll stay with mom and you don't have to bother to do that,"

Carla said while clinging to his arm and shaking it. She didn't think it was necessary to build a club for her and hire someone to look after her.

"An accident? I've had it checked that someone added some overpowering drug in the incense. Even the masseuse passed out after inhaling it. Do you think you could have avoided it by being with your mother?"

Terence said coldly.

It wasn't an accident. Someone did it on purpose.

And that person was powerful.

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