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   Chapter 697 Steven Was Drugged

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10073

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Meanwhile, Andrea was ready to go outside of her room. She thought that Carla was already waiting for her, so she rushed to the waiting area.

She was surprised to find no one in the lounge. She wondered if Carla had come out of her room yet, and so, she turned back to head towards her daughter's room.

Once she got there, she quickly knocked on the door.

"Callie, are you in there?"

After waiting awhile, she wondered why there wasn't any response coming from inside. Andrea knocked on the door once again, this time a bit louder.

"Callie? Callie, are you in there?"

There was no sound at all no matter how long she waited. Andrea reluctantly turned the doorknob only to find out that the door wasn't locked. She slowly opened the door and was shocked at the first thing she saw.

A masseuse in uniform was lying on the bed, unconscious. She hurriedly entered the room and moved around to check the entire area, however, Carla was nowhere to be found!


The shock left Andrea too scared to react for a moment. After she came back to her senses, she quickly took out her cellphone and contacted Terence.

"Terence! Ca-Callie... Callie's missing!"


In a room upstairs from where Andrea was currently panicking, Carla was trapped with Steven.

Steven heard her words loud and clear and knew the implication behind them. He knew that he was still young. But now that he had the chance to be with the woman he liked, he hated it.

"I have already discussed with the curator about the technicalities for the painting. I was going out to have it packed up for you. But when I came back, you had already left.

It doesn't matter now. Either way, I'll still have someone send you the painting after we get out of here,"

Steven said with his back faced towards Carla.

Carla, who was looking outside, glanced at the boy who was currently lost in his thoughts. "Whatever," she muttered out a small reply.

If he really insisted on this, then she couldn't persuade him to stop.

Steven faced the wall with his eyes closed and his teeth gritting silently. The strange feeling was coursing through his body and mind, it made him tremble a little bit.

He felt that it was too shameful for him to look at Carla straight in the eye right now.

The truth of the matter was that he was afraid of turning around to look at her, no... He was afraid of her eyes, He was afraid that he might see in her eyes that she would be looking down on him.

Carla started to pace back and forth in the room. Time passed, and the night deepened, she couldn't help but grow more anxious.

"Steven, did you come here alone? Does Victor know you're here? Does he know that you're missing?"

She walked over to Steven and asked with a clear yet anxious voice.

However, she stopped when she saw him sweating profusely. She felt stunned at herself for forgetting the fact that he was drugged. Steven was suffering right now.

"Steven... If you can't control it, then you can help yo

difficult for you to stop fantasizing... But please calm down. I believe that someone will come and help us soon!"

She could only try to persuade him since she was worried that Terence might not be able to come in time. There was nothing else she could do.

While all this was happening, the entrance of the club was surrounded by a dense crowd.

"Mr. Terence, I have already checked all the surveillance footage of the area. We didn't find any sign that Mrs. Andrea had left the premises," Nathan reported as a look of worry began to appear on his face.

"This means that she's still in here somewhere! Nathan! Rainer! Bring people with you to search every room on all the floors!"

Terence said with a frown. He also walked inside to search for Carla with another group of people.

Outside of Carla's room, Andrea was pacing back and forth anxiously.

How could this be?

How could something go wrong here? Who on earth was trying to hurt her daughter?

Upstairs, in the dimly lit room, Steven couldn't help but pant as he felt a hot raging stream running wild in his body. Yet, there was no outlet for it.

"Steven, are you okay?"

Carla quickly grabbed him when he was about to fall to the ground. She helped him to the bed only to find that his body seemed to be getting hotter by the minute.

She looked around and found nothing that could help lower his temperature.

Carla noticed Steven's brown leather shoes on his feet as she glanced around the room.

An idea struck her. She took his shoes off and walked over to the window with Steven's shoes in her hand, she carefully looked at it and then suddenly hit the window hard.

The glass windows were fairly hard, she persisted on hitting the window multiple times until she finally saw cracks starting to form. It seemed that the window could no longer bear the force put on it by Carla. She raised her arm and gathered up all her strength for one final hit. She swung hard with determination. The window finally broke.

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