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   Chapter 696 Retribution Was What Carla Got When She Did Something Good

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"But Mr. Bao, how can I persuade him to go there?" asked the man, with creases on his forehead.

"Are you a moron?" barked Mr. Bao, as if he couldn't believe someone could be so stupid. "Give him a piece of paper saying the woman was kidnapped because she saved him last time. I'm sure he will definitely take the bait," he added, almost rolling his eyes at him.

"That's brilliant, sir! I'll do it right away!" replied the man, his eyes suddenly lighting up.

He then got out of his car and got into another one, ready to carry out his boss's orders.

Mr. Bao relaxed a little, smiling viciously as he slid in his seat in the car. Casually, he spit the gum out of the car, rolled up the window, and ordered his driver to move just with a hand gesture.

Back at the women's spa club, Wearing nothing but a white towel around her beautiful body after taking a bath, Carla lay on the massage bed, her wet hair stuck to her gleaming back. A masseuse prepared the oils for her and slowly started massaging her from the head down.

Relaxing music played in the background. That, combined with lavender incense that filled the air lulled her into a sense of dizziness. Soon, she began to feel sleepy, ready to indulge in a world of fragrant dreams.

To ensure privacy, everyone had individual rooms adorned with beautiful flowers and large plants.

Andrea too was at the spa, in a room next to Carla's.

Carla's body was fully relaxed, all her tension released.

She napped for a few hours. Sadly, she did not wake up in the same state that she had slept in.

A feeling of anxiety got hold of her heart as soon as she opened her eyes. Something was definitely wrong. She sat up with a shock, immediately checking herself and her surroundings.

'Why am I not in the same room?' she thought, her eyes wide with panic.

She rubbed her dizzy head and got off the bed. She fastened the bathrobe on her chest, getting a hold of herself.

Her head and body felt heavy, so much that she had to rest her hand on the bed to gain balance. Even when she managed to stand still, she found herself incapable of walking after a few steps.

With her head spinning, and feet weak, she suddenly spotted a man lying on the ground.

She could only see the side of his face, but recognized who he was since she had seen him this morning. It was no one else but Steven.

"Hey. Hey, wake up..." she said, bending down to check on him. E

o this spa because it was close by.

"I just can't figure out what they want. We were taken to a room together. But now they are nowhere around! What is going on?!"

Carla asked, looking back at him. Frustration marred her face.

To her surprise, Steven's face reddened.

Steven touched his warm cheeks and frowned. Before he had lost consciousness, he had a vague feeling that someone was feeding him something. Now he was feeling it kick in. Could it be...?

"What's the matter?"

Carla asked, looking at Steven curiously.

Steven turned his head away so she wouldn't be able to see him and took a deep breath. "Don't worry. We just need to be patient and wait for someone to find us."

"Hey... Were you drugged?"

Carla inferred because she once had had the same experience as him.

She tried to examine her own body. Nothing felt too unusual. She was only slightly dizzy but that was probably because of the heavy incense.

"I... Am I incompetent? I should have given you a painting today, but I broke my promise. Now you are in trouble. I can't save you, and..."

Steven couldn't bear the feeling of shame coursing through him right now. He had never felt like a coward before. Now, he felt both powerless and helpless.

"It's not so bad! You are still young. It's just one lesson you have to learn. Sometimes, we are fooled by things and that's acceptable," Carla said, standing by the window.

Would Andrea find out that she was missing? If she did, she wouldn't hesitate to let Terence know.

She knew Terence would be able to find her quickly. All she needed to do was wait patiently.

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