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   Chapter 695 The Backstage Manipulator

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"... Mrs. An, I don't think that's appropriate. Your family is rich and powerful. Why do you need my master to give it to you as a present?"

When Victor heard her words, he cruelly spoke as he looked away.

This money was nothing to their family, but the Su family was a political family, how could they earn so much?

Andrea also came closer and said, "Callie, forget it. Just treat it like a game."

Victor nodded his head and threw in immediately, "Yes, Mrs. An. Your family's rich, so please don't be so serious with our young master, okay?"

That made Carla pout and disappointed when she heard their words. She wasn't happy that she had wasted so much time on them and didn't get anything in return.

Before Steven came out, Carla gripped Andrea's arm and waved at Owen.

"In this case, tell your master that we're leaving!"

She dragged Andrea by the hand and left the exhibit hall.

A few moments after they left, Steven walked out of the curator's office to find that Carla wasn't there anymore.

"Victor, where did they go?"

Lightly scratching the back of his head and looking away, Victor said, "I don't know. Maybe they left because something urgent came up."

The expression on Steven's bright and handsome face turned cold when he saw Victor playing dumb. "Victor, tell me the truth. What did you say to her?"

"Nothing, master. I didn't say anything." Victor shrugged innocently.

"You said nothing? Did you say that I didn't have the money to buy a painting for her? Don't you know that what you did was a slap in my face?!" Steven said with a frown.

Although he wasn't rich, he wasn't poor. Besides, his father was acquainted with the painter who would sell the painting for a low price if he asked.

"Master Steven, I know you thought of that. But I don't think that's necessary. You're not courting her. Why would you do that?"

Since his young master had seen through him, Victor didn't hide the truth anymore.

If Carla were unmarried, it would be understandable that Steven wanted to please her.

A fair lady was a gentleman's desire.

But Carla was a married woman and she might be holding a grudge against the Su family. That was why it wasn't necessary for Steven to do that for her.

"Victor, don't you know that a gentleman must keep his word?" Steven said in a co

oked at the entrance of the spa club.

"Mr. Bao, according to our investigation, this woman helped Steven secretly escape."

The man adjusted his sunglasses while chewing his gum. He glanced inside the room and asked, "Have you investigated the woman's background?"

"Yes. She's Terence's wife," the guy with him replied.

Mr. Bao smiled and pushed his sunglasses up his nose and lowered his hand to pat his watch.

When he raised his wrist, the diamond of the watch was very eye-catching.

"Really? They're enemies. I don't think that thing ended peacefully."

"Hmm, it didn't. But Steven is really grateful to her,"

the guy said.

"Is that true? Did he fall in love with another man's wife? Should I help him win her heart?" The thought made Mr. Bao laugh as he stroked his chin.

How would Terence react if he knew that his wife had an affair with a man who was younger than him?

"But Mr. Arnold... she's Mr. Terence's wife. If we irritate him, then..." The guy's words trailed off.

"What are you afraid of? He used to be the prince of JA city and no one dared to do anything to him. But now it's different. His time is over."

There was a bright and vicious look in Mr. Bao's eyes under his sunglasses. "If you want to change the master of JA City, you have to make a great sensation. I don't believe that the An family can be in control forever."

"Yes, Mr. Bao, I'll do as you say."

The guy didn't dare to say anything else and just obediently nodded.

Mr. Bao waved him closer and gave him a whispered order.

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