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   Chapter 693 To Have A Second Child

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After hearing that, Gary came back to his senses and shook his head. "Oh, I'm fine. Let's have a cup of tea."

"Sure." Andrea beamed and grabbed the pot, filling Gary's cup and hers with relaxing tea.


As they came out of the wooden house, Carla started to stretch herself while watching the blossoming red roses as the warm sunlight made contact with them. Her heart was filled with adoration, and she found the urges to take pictures. She grabbed her cellphone from her pocket and took a few photos of herself. Afterward, she strolled through the beds of flowers on each side.

As the stroll ended, Terence came back and walked with her until they had reached their car.

"We can come again next time if you really like it here. Isn't mother coming at noon? You may want to go home early," He reminded, making her eyes widen.

She looked at her wristwatch. "Oh my God! It's almost ten in the morning? It's all your fault! You said that the meal would be over in an hour, but look at what happened!"

Carla complained.

"Well, we finished at eight and left at nine o'clock. So, basically, the meal didn't take that long. Just a reminder, you spent another hour with the roses. Do you remember now?" A smile made its way on his lips as he shook his head and shrugged.

Carla made a face and stuck out her tongue at him. Afterward, she took out her phone from her pocket then looked at the pictures. Mostly, they were all images of flowers and photos of her with them.

"Don't worry. We still have time. I'll drive you home first." Terence's eyes glistened with affection as he placed his arm around her shoulder.

At the moment, they were in the suburban area, and it would almost take about two hours of driving to reach the Seaview Villa.

"Don't mind me. Your work is the most important here." She paused for a moment before coming up with an idea. "How about this? I'll just take a taxi to go home."

As she shook her head, she thought to herself that it didn't matter if her mother had to wait for a while, because she was her mom.

"No. I should just skip it entirely since I am behind already for the whole morning. I'll head back after driving you home first," he said with concern evident in his tone.

After saying that, he turned his attention to their driver. "Rainer, take us home first."

Rainer followed his order. During the drive home, Terence turned back to her. "Hey honey, there will be an art show in JA City in a few days. If you have time, you can ask your mother to go there with you.

I know that she likes paintings that's why I'm telling you this. Besides, she could see more works of other art

ealizing that it was a picture of a young girl hidden in plain sight

This painting was too abstract, and no one could tell if it was placed properly. Carla guessed that the staff had difficulty understanding it so he just hung it up randomly.

Afterward, she turned around and saw that Steven was standing there with a smile on his face.

"Steven? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I have nothing else to do. That's why I came here to have a look." His smile never disappeared as he stepped closer to her. "I can see that you like paintings too."

"Well, I do. But I'm not really good at it. Let's just say, it's only my hobby," she said as she walked to another painting.

"Really? Well, I have my paintings here in today's exhibition. Would you take a guess which of these paintings are mine?"

Steven asked with a beam while walking.

Carla glanced at him then looked around the gallery. There were plenty of paintings there, and she asked herself how could she find them if there were too many?

Another question was, what good would it bring?

"Will I get a reward if I guess correctly?"

With a raised eyebrow, she stared at him then at her mother who was busy looking at her painting on the other side.

Steven thought for a while then said, "If you can guess which paintings are mine, I'll buy one and give it to you as a gift, whatever you like. Is that okay with you?"

Her eyes widened for a moment because she was just joking about the reward. When she turned to the grand finale of the exhibit, she wondered whether she should buy it or not.

The son of the head of the JA City must be very rich. So if she could actually get a painting, she planned to sell it and donate the money to the poor people in the mountainous region.

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