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   Chapter 692 Come Here And Let Me Give You A Massage

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Early in the morning.

Carla was woken up by the sound of her phone ringing, and she fumbled around a bit until she found her phone under her pillow.

"Hello..." she said, still half asleep.

"Callie, I'll be arriving in JA City in a bit. But there's someone I have to meet first so I'll be dropping by at around noon time," Andrea told her. Her voice sounded so clear from the other end of the line.

Rubbing her eyes, Carla mumbled, "Okay, mom. Have a safe trip. Let's have lunch together later..."

Upon saying that, she hung up the phone right away and yawned, turning around and burying herself in Terence's arms. But she was caught by surprise when she took a look at his face and asked, "Why is your face so red?"

Upon hearing those words coming from her, Terence curled his lips and let out a snort, feeling so irritated. Then, he grabbed Carla's hand all of a sudden and said, "Why is it so red? You slapped me several times last night. That's why."

"What? What do you mean I slapped you?"

Raising her head, Carla stared at his handsome face in complete disbelief. "That's weird. I remember swatting mosquitoes last night. How could it be..."

However, before she could continue what she was trying to say, Terence's face turned sullen. As he gave her a cold glance, he asked, "Do I look like a mosquito to you?"

"No, No. That's not what I meant. I dreamt of mosquitoes. I don't regard you as one." Realizing that it was getting quite difficult to clear things up, she couldn't help but smile at him, and she opted to simply keep her mouth shut.

This only caused Terence's face to darken even more. He simply wanted to hold her tight, but he couldn't do that because she just wouldn't let him at all. She kept on slapping his face every single time he tried to touch her. Did he turn into an annoying bug in her dream?

"Did I slap you on this side? I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you. Come here and let me give you a massage..."

With a smile on her face, she apologized to him and proceeded to rub his handsome red-flushed face. "Does it still hurt? Let me blow on it to ease the pain even if just a little."

Upon saying that, Terence felt her warm breath on his face.

However, as soon as she did that, Terence raised his head and looked straight into her eyes with his eyebrows deeply knit. "It's my heart that's aching."

Left somewhat dumbfounded, Carla quickly held onto his fingers and massaged them.

"What are you doing?" Terence asked, feeling a bit confused.

"I've read somewhere that the nerves on the fingertips are connected to the heart. By doing this, your heart won't be hurting anymore..."

Hearing this, Terence made a face and burst into laughter. Then, he held her chin and quickly gave her a kiss on the lips. "The two of us being able to spend time like this in a romantic place is such a p

ble to look after her instead.

"Well, her husband belongs to the An family of JA city."

As she told him that, Andrea carefully observed the expressions he made.

Upon hearing her say those words, Gary lightly moved his cup from side to side. Then, with a look of amazement in his eyes, he stared at her and asked, "Who?"

"Terence, the third son of the An family. Why? Is there something wrong? " Andrea glanced at him, feeling quite confused.

Gary was left at such a loss for a moment there. When he finally regained his composure, he replied, "Well, it's nothing. The An family is the wealthiest and the most powerful family in all of JA City. Your daughter is so lucky to be able to marry into the An family."

That being said, Andrea simply smiled and shook her head, "That's the first thing that everyone says when they hear about it. To be honest, that's what I also thought at first. But after some time, I realized that I would rather she married into an ordinary family. That way, she wouldn't have to bear so much suffering.

"The higher a person stands, the more people can see her. And for that reason, a lot of people would come to envy and despise her, causing them to do things that would hurt her.

At this point, my only wish is that she can live a safe and happy life. As her mother, I'll be satisfied and more at ease with just that," Andrea exclaimed.

Just as what was previously reported, Carla had been slandered by lots of different people.

Be that as it might, as her mother, there was nothing much she could do but silently worry about her.

Despite casually blurting those words out, it was actually quite natural for a mother to care about her child. However, Gary, who was sitting right across her, thought a bit differently.

As she looked at him, seeming to have spaced out, Andrea went ahead and asked, "What's the matter, Gary? Is everything alright?"

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