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   Chapter 691 Honey, Am I Pretty

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7713

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Carla halted and stared at the prince-like man at the end of the path. At that moment, she felt as if everything popped out of a storybook, just waiting to be read and swooned over.

Under the night lamp, Terence stood, his lips curling into a smile. It was more beautiful than all the roses scattered all over the mountain top.

His eyes were so bright that it almost seemed as if they were supernovas just waiting to explode. He stood straight, like how he was trained as a soldier, his tall and muscled figure almost similar to the mountains ahead.

He was standing far away, like he was a part of a canvas, with a breathtaking scenery. It took everything for Carla to not draw out her sketchbook and start drawing him.

Terence just stood there, letting her gaze at him unscrupulously.

He was curious to see how long she'd stand there, processing everything in one go. The tips of his lips quirked up.

Finally, Carla took a step forward. She plucked a rose from the fields, placing it behind her ear.

Once she was done, she walked over towards him with a smile to rival his.

"Babe, am I pretty?"

Seeing that he was so good looking tonight, Carla wanted to at least make her as presentable as him.

"Of course."

Terence beamed in reply.

"Then, who would be more beautiful? The flower or me?"

Carla asked, tilting her head.

"Of course, my wife. You can give me a valley of roses and they're still nothing compared to your smile."

Terence didn't even hesitate as he stared at every detail of her face, taking it in as slowly as he could, savoring the moment.

Flowers were simply ornaments—accessories, how could they compare to her?

"You're being too sweet,"

Carla teased, chuckling. Once they were closer, she took another step, flushing as she bowed her head. "But I really am sorry about today. If the company's finances were affected by it, I'll find a way to pay it back."

All the money given by Noah was kept in her card as receipts for all these years, so it wouldn't be a big deal to take it out to cope with the emergencies that had happened today.

Terence rolled his eyes, flicking her in the forehead. "What are you talking about? The AJ Group isn't that volatile. I could care less about the money taken."

It really was no problem. For Terenc

unning a restaurant for the public, she stopped. She now only cooks for her friends once in a while."

Biting the chopsticks, Carla was stunned. This was the first time she heard Terence mention his mother.

Though they've been in a long relationship, she never did hear him talk about his mother before. He never really brought it up.

"Terence, I have never heard you talk about... Mom, was she in a bad relationship with Dad before?"

Terence furrowed his eyebrows, taking his chopsticks to get some food. When he finally swallowed, he answered, "When I was young, my father was just like my second elder brother, he didn't care much about the family. He was either busy with his work or was staying at other places instead of at home."

Carla bit her lip as the atmosphere grew tense. No wonder he never mentioned it.

"Well, let's just enjoy our dinner. Let's talk about that some other time," Terence waved his hand before bringing the chopstick to her. "Give this a try."

"All right." Carla didn't ask any more questions, deciding to drop it for now.

They decided to spend the night here.

The garden was surrounded by the fragrance of roses that she even dreamt of them in her sleep. She dreamt that she was swimming in the sea of them, drowned by their colors and beauty.

Carla remembered lying on them, the flowers sighing with the wind.

She slept soundly that night if not for the mosquito that seemed to love to disturb her. No matter how much she tried slapping it, its buzz never seemed to go away.

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