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   Chapter 690 Lady, You Are Pretty Brave

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7537

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In just half a day, the video of Carla spread widely.

Everyone in the city knew she preferred keeping a low profile all the time. She was both kind and brave.

There was indeed some negative news about her some time ago, but everything had been clarified.

A third party had revealed that the report was fabricated by Terence's substitute wife. It turned out the whole thing was a farce.

In addition, Johnny admitted in public that he liked her, but chose to give up in the end.

If what the report described was true and she was really a skittish and scheming woman, why would Mr. Terence marry her?

Johnny was right. The woman he once loved couldn't have been of that character.

With all this news, people were becoming more and more curious about Carla. What kind of woman was she? Why were two handsome masters of JA City so deeply attracted to her?

As soon as the video about Carla reached the public, their opinion about the An family began to change.

They began to realize not all the members of the An family had a bad temperament like Mr. Marcus. There were still nice people like Mr. Terence and his wife.

"Mr. Terence, you should go online. The video of Mrs. Carla has gone viral!"

said Rainer to Terence as he handed him the phone.

"But the total rent will be a large amount. Is it too rash for Mrs. Carla to do that?"

he asked in a soft voice.

The AJ Group had to pay off the bank loan with a large sum of money every month. If they paid for all the loss, they would lose too much.

Terence saw the video in which Carla was excitedly speaking. Then he smiled and said, "If the money we spent can save the company's image, then it's worth doing."

"Tell the employees to post the announcement at the shopping malls. Carry it out as soon as possible.

By the way, ask Bryant to write a report about the video incident from the eyes of the public."

Rainer nodded and replied, "Yes, Mr. Terence. I'll do that right away."

"Wait. Can you book a restaurant for tonight? I want to treat my wife to a romantic dinner,"

Terence added. The dinner was in honor for what she had done. She really was brave.

Meanwhile, a conversation was taking place in the Su mansion.

"Sir, we shouldn't underestima

out of the room with his eyebrows knitted.

Soon, the sun had set and it was evening.

Rainer drove Carla to a manor which she had never been to. Instantly upon stepping out of the car, she could smell the rich fragrance of flowers.

"Rainer, where are we?"

She had just been home for a while when Rainer mystically brought her here.

"Madam, this is a private flower manor, and the restaurant is closed to the public. Only a few people know about this place."

Rainer smiled and led her inside.

"Wow, it's so beautiful..."

Carla looked at the sea of flowers that shone under the lights. There was a road that wound up through the sea of flowers, leading directly to a two-story wooden house at its end.

"Are these roses?"

She asked while looking at the flowers with small red and pink petals, which looked mysterious and charming under the light. The fragrance greeted her nose.

"Yes, madam. The owner of this manor is very fond of roses, and so he has planted roses of all colors. They look even more beautiful in the daytime!"

Rainer patiently explained to her. He pointed to the front and said, "Madam, you can go ahead along this way and enter the house..."

The flowers swayed gently in the moonlight. Carla couldn't help but gape at them with a smile. Breaking from the spell, she walked along the path at a brisk pace.

She suddenly stopped at the gate.

She raised her head, and saw a tall and handsome man standing in front of her, looking straight at her.

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