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   Chapter 688 I Can Be Your Heater

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6280

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"You didn't want it so why did you seduce me?

Who sent you here to set me up?"

Marcus asked, madly pinching the neck of the nurse who slept with him.

How could he force her if she didn't want to?!

She turned against him with no warning. What the hell did she want?

When the policeman next to Marcus saw his actions, he immediately hit the back of Marcus's neck with a police stick to save the nurse.

Edmund closed his eyes at the sight of his son falling to the ground. He let out a deep sigh.


In the Seaview Villa, Nathan delivered the news to Terence who was still in his pajamas.

"Mr. Terence, that's the whole story.

We were just worried that Mr. Marcus would run away, but we didn't expect that something like this would happen," he sighed.

Their men waited outside the ward and didn't think that such a thing would happen inside.

Terence slowly opened his eyes and said, "It's not your fault. There's no smoke without fire. His personality is going to get him into trouble sooner or later.

Terence had underestimated his enemy's grit. They had expected that the An family wouldn't take action on Marcus, so they thought of this way to fight the family.

"Mr. Terence, what should we do now? I'm afraid that all the bad news about Marcus would spread to the entirety of JA City quickly."

There was a frown on Nathan's face as he spoke. Right now, their enemy was waiting for evidence against them. Once they had something against the An family, they would hammer it mercilessly.

"I'll talk to my father. Go and meet Bryant, ask him to pay more attention to public opinion about the AJ Group. Take the necessary measures to minimize the negative effects."

After the last instructions, Terence turned and went back into his bedroom.

He went straight to the wardrobe to get dressed and Carla followed after him, wrapped in a

ng at it.

"There's no evidence to prove that what they did was consensual, so he was sent back to prison," Carla answered.

Violet breathed a sigh. "It's unfair that people blindly blame the scandal on the An family. I'm afraid it'll be hard to calm the public's anger quickly," she commented.

"The truth is very clear. Marcus couldn't be so stupid to rape a woman in a hospital. He's been in prison for five years, so he must be more law-conscious than others," Violet added.

"The weak aren't necessarily the victims. She could've called for help when she was violated. People outside the ward could've definitely heard and saved her. Unless she meant to let it happen.

There must be something fishy behind this," Violet continued.

"But the public doesn't want to believe the truth. Besides, Marcus is widely known as a playboy with a previous conviction. It doesn't matter if he's innocent.

Who would be willing to believe that?"

Even if nobody cared about him, Marcus was still the heir of the An family. The scandal would definitely be a disgrace to the AJ Group.

Violet patted Carla on the shoulder and pointed outside. "Look, Carla. What are those people doing?" she said.

Following Violet's finger, Carla looked.

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