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   Chapter 687 A Romantic Affair Comes As A Disaster

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5850

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A while later, Marcus checked the clock on the wall again and again and he wondered how five minutes could be so long.

It was slow and agonizing but finally.

Five minutes had passed.

Marcus hurriedly rang the bell and just a moment later, the ward's door opened.

The familiar nurse entered and that made him lick his lips again and laugh, "Miss, I feel so numb since I've been lying down for so long. Can you get the thermometer for me?"

The nurse just laughed as she came closer like she'd seen through his "conspiracy", a smile quirked on her lips. "Look at you, you called me just to get the thermometer for you? You got the strength to ring the bell, why don't you just get the thermometer yourself?"

She reached into his clothes and took out the thermometer from his armpit.

As soon as she pulled it out, Marcus grabbed her wrist with one hand and pulled her into his arms. "Miss, isn't it your duty to save lives and heal the wounded?

It hurts here. Can you give me a massage?"

Marcus took the nurse's hand and guided it down.

That made the nurse turn red and push him away immediately. "What are you doing? Didn't you break your ribs and get yourself hurt? Why are you still thinking about this? That's bad!"

"I can wait for as long as it needs for my ribs to heal. But I'm desperate for this. It's been years. If I can kiss you, I'll happily break another one of my ribs."

It would have been easy for Marcus to get any girl he desired but that was in the past.

It had been years since he last had sex, since he only had a few days away from prison, he didn't know how long he'd have to wait if he missed the chance.

His injury was a small matter in the face of his rising evil desire.

Marcus pulled the


"Open your eyes and look! He's the famous Marcus An! The eldest son of the An family! He's a capable man and he can handle everything with money. In this world, money can solve everything."

"That makes sense. Poor girl... She's so innocent but was raped by him."

In the ward.

Marcus was shocked by the nurse's words. She was obviously seducing him before, but now she acted pure and chaste!

"Mr. An, according to the testimony of this nurse, you forced her to have sex with you, that's a crime! But since you're seriously injured, we'll arrange policemen to take turns looking after you until you leave the hospital. Afterwards, we'll take you directly to the police station. Please cooperate with our investigation!"

The cold voice of the police officer and even colder words made Marcus fall off the bed.

He was completely dumbfounded.

He thought it was a romantic affair but it turned out to be a disaster.

When he realized that he might be sentenced for a few more years, Marcus's face turned pale.

He jumped out of the hospital bed and quickly strode towards the nurse and grabbed her neck!

"Tell me, why did you set me up?"

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