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   Chapter 686 Something Fishy

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Terence shrugged, unaffected by Johnny's exit from the room.

Instead, he held Carla and Sally close to his arms, grinning at them. It was a good feeling, to be with family, especially with his two angels. He glanced at his wife. "Honey, I think I'd love another daughter. What do you think?"

He had always thought that compared to boys, girls were always more considerate and understanding.

In his eyes and through experience, boys had always been more mischievous in their childhood years, getting into more trouble. And when they became mature, they would have busier years whether it be due to the burdens of business or their wives. Either way, he'd always thought that daughters would grow to be more thoughtful.

"Let me go first! Do you think you can choose a baby's gender as you like? It's not something you'd order in Amazon, you know,"

Carla sniffed, glaring at him as she wriggled against his grip. If she did have more girls, Terence might be pleased but Edmund, his father, might have a heart attack from too much disappointment.

However, that didn't mean that Edmund didn't like Sally. He adored her, but that might be due to him not having a daughter of his own, especially since Rhys also had a son. Sally was the only girl in the An family. 'If they're rare, they're valued, ' Carla thought, considering why Edmund liked Sally now.

"Daddy, I don't want a sister. I want a brother," Sally insisted suddenly, pouting.

Terence put Sally down, raising his eyebrows at the sudden proclamation. "And why is that?"

"Because Grandpa said I should have a little brother next," she answered almost automatically as if she was in class

Sally had once overheard it from her Grandpa, and it stuck to her mind since then. 'If I did have a younger brother, maybe Grandpa would be proud of me too, ' she thought excitedly.

As the words slipped out of Sally's mouth, Carla cringed away from Terence's touch before leaving abruptly.

"Carla?" Terence called, but she didn't turn back.

When she didn't bother to answer him, he hurriedly carried his daughter out of the room. Something was wrong with his wife, and he felt as if it had something to do with what was just said.

The moment they reached home, Terence immediately handed Sally to Hannah to clean up before marching up the stairs.

As he peered into their bedroom, he could see Carla sitting cross legged at one of the chairs in the balcony, overlooking their pro

been so used to sleeping on the hard pavements in prison, that now even with a soft comforter and fluffed pillows, he couldn't find himself dozing off.

As he was still a convicted prisoner, he wasn't allowed to use a cellphone. As such, he settled with using the TV to pass the time.

After a while, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," Marcus said.

A nurse came in.

Lying on the bed, Marcus eyed the curvy nurse as she bent towards him. He blinked, taking the thermometer from the nurse's hand. "Why haven't you slept yet?" he asked, though a part of him was glad that she was the one who showed up. "It must be hard to be a nurse."

"It's not an easy job. But I need the money."

The nurse looked at him, and he averted his gaze. "Hold the thermometer, so that the temperature will be measured accurately,"

she warned, placing it under his arm.

As the nurse approached him, Marcus could smell the lavender attached to her skin. He couldn't help but smile wolfishly. It had been years since he had been with a woman, so this was the closest he'd been with a woman since he was in prison.

"What are you doing?" the nurse asked accusingly.

She shook her head, poking on him teasingly on the chest. "Stop doing that. You're a patient now mister.

Don't move and call me after five minutes."

The nurse walked out of the ward, her hips swaying that Marcus couldn't help but eye her as she retreated

He licked his dry lips. Five years had passed, and he could feel himself aching for her touch. He groaned, covering his face.

Marcus smirked, feeling his mouth water. He was excited for her to return.

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