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   Chapter 685 Let's Have A Daughter

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Johnny started the game while saying, "Let's make a deal first. This time, I'm going to repay what I owe you. After all this ends, let's mind each one's own business."

Last time during the NF, he also took part in the incident. It was impossible that Terence didn't know about his participation, but he didn't dig into it and he even let him go.

Johnny was a grateful person, so he would return the favor.

Terence stood in front of the billiards table with his arms crossed. He simply asked with a smile that didn't show any sign of surprise at all, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Didn't you always want to surpass me? With Gary's help, isn't this a good opportunity for you to gain the money and power necessary for your ambition?"

Johnny had won the first round at this point. He sat on the edge of the table and lit up a cigar.

"You know I hate being used. Gary's using me as a tool to deal with you, if I go along with what he planned, he's going to take full advantage of the moment we turn against each other. Heh, nice try,"

Johnny said with a sneer. He took a deep drag to emphasize his displeasure at the thought and slowly puffed out the smoke.

He continued, "JA City has been peaceful for these past years. Why on earth would I allow him to turn the whole city upside down just because he got here?"

A new broom would sweep the place clean. However, if the dust landed on him, Johnny wouldn't be at all pleased with it.

Terence bent down and hit a ball before glancing at him, "You're not that silly after all then. Here I thought you were in league with him."

If Johnny ever did so, he would have chosen a side too early because a few unmentionable powerful families would have definitely reached out to him.

"Of course not. I did want to compete with you. But ever since I was a child, you were always ahead of me at everything, even with the woman I fell in love with. And now, she has fallen for you with all her heart. Even when it comes to our careers, you're still ahead of me. Despite all this, if I want to compete with you, I'll only fight against you fair and square."

Johnny looked at the two women who were talking outside with eyes filled with understanding. He turned towards Terence. "Anyway. Now is not the right time for us to fight. I'm not someone who will take advantage of you."

Terence raised his eyebrows and let out a chuckle after hearing what Johnny had said, "What a touching speech. You should blame yourself for your own incompetence. Even now you still pretend to be like a selfless saint.

After finishing four shots, Terence sat down and began to drink some tea to try to not go overboard with drinking this time.


"What? He's better looking than me?"

Johnny asked her with clearly less confidence in his voice.

"If you're more handsome than my Daddy, then why didn't my Mommy marry you?"

Sally retorted.

This made Johnny speechless for a moment.


Just now. Carla came in and called out to Sally, "Come here Sally. Daddy and uncle needs to talk. Listen to Mommy, let's go out first okay?"

When she got close to Terence, the latter pulled her down.

Terence had pulled Carla into his arms. "It's okay. We're almost done. Let me hold you for a while."

Sally had one hand around Carla's neck and the other around Terence's, she giggled as she asked Terence, "Daddy! Can you lift me and Mommy at the same time?"

"… Maybe Daddy can try, "Terence answered after thinking about it for a moment.

After hearing this, Carla frowned and tried to move away from Terence's arms, but her waist was firmly held by his arm. He grunted before seeming to lift both Carla and Sally effortlessly.

"Wow! Daddy's so awesome!"

Sally was ecstatic at her Dad's feat, she kissed his cheek with twinkling eyes filled with adoration.

Johnny was silently sitting at the side and couldn't believe that they couldn't stop displaying their affection to each other.

He looked at Carla who clearly stared at Terence with shame and anger mixed with embarrassment, then he looked at Sally gazing at Terence with an extremely sweet and innocent smile. Johnny put down his cup and stood up before walking outside.

He felt so envious at what he just saw, he thought that Terence was so lucky that he had such a lovely daughter.

When he came out of the room, he saw his wife holding his son in her arms. He looked at her affectionately before saying to her, "Honey! Let's go home and have a daughter!"

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