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   Chapter 684 Cover Up the Truth

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8779

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Right at that moment, Carla was in the Sea view Villa.

It was indeed a busy day for her. Her body felt so sore, making her breathe heavily. As she held her waist, she stared at Sally who kept on running around in front of her.

She raised her eyebrow and wondered why Sally had so much energy.

They had been playing for a whole day, yet Sally seemed so full of life without an ounce of fatigue. She just wanted to rest for a while. It was as if playing with Sally was a kind of torture for her.

Feeling the need to rest for a bit, she immediately sat on the white sand.

Suddenly, Hannah, who was sitting behind her, tapped her shoulder lightly to get her attention.

"Mrs. Carla, you can take a break for a while. I'll look after Miss Sally."

"Okay, thank you. Just remember not to let her get too close to the water," Carla said as she took a glance at Sally. She was giggling while running on the beach.

Then, she grabbed her mobile phone from her pocket and stared at the screen.

There was a missed call from Andrea. She dialed the number and it immediately started ringing. When she answered, she asked, "Hello, Mom. Did you call me a while ago? What's the matter?"

"Well, I called to ask why you didn't come this past weekend?"

Andrea replied.

"Oh, I had to take Sally to her dancing class this morning and that's why I couldn't come back. Andrea, why don't you come to JA City and stay here for several days?" Carla asked. She thought that when Sally started attending school, she would have plenty of things to do.

"I'll see if I'm free these days, Carla. Have you finished taking your traditional Chinese medicine?"

Andrea asked her again.

"Yes, I just finished it a few days ago," she replied as she wiped the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. A few days ago, she was busy taking care of Grandpa Nicholas' things. It was the main reason why she had forgotten to take her medicine for a week. With that, she had only taken and finished her medicine one day before.

"That's good. You should take some time to see if you are feeling better. If it doesn't work, I can ask the doctor to prescribe you some more medicine," Andrea said on the other end of the phone.

When she heard that, she started complaining with a bitter face, "Mom, why do I feel like my only responsibility to this family is to give birth to the next generation?"

Andrea was always reminding her to take her medicine even before giving birth to Sally, until now.

"What are you talking about, Carla? Children are also the vitality of life. Just think about this. We're all going to become old ten


"We're going to the TH Restaurant. I have something to talk about with Johnny," He replied with a calm tone.

"Okay." She walked upstairs and entered their room. She changed to better clothes and went out with him afterward.

Although Carla didn't know what Terence was going to talk to Johnny about, she knew that Terence always had his reasons for doing things, so she didn't need to ask more.

At this moment, they were in the VIP room on the sixth floor of TH Restaurant.

Sally was staring with a fruit on her hand while tilting her head at the three-month-old boy who was being held by Johnny's wife.

"Mom, he looks so ugly!"

Carla tried to stop herself from bursting out laughing at Sally's words. Turning to her daughter, she scolded her, "Sally, how can you say that? He's still a baby. He will become handsome when he grows up."

The baby looked like the exact replica of Johnny, but his son looked darker than him.

Johnny's wife laughed. "It doesn't matter, Mrs. Carla. I admit that my son is indeed a little darker than his father, but his facial features aren't ugly. Sally, you should have a closer look at him."

Johnny's wife smiled at Sally. She really didn't mind her words, though.

At this moment, Johnny and Terence were in the billiard room. Johnny threw Terence a billiard stick.

"Mr. Terence, how about we have a game between the two of us?"

Terence took the stick and looked at him. "I've already sent someone to check this room in advance. There's no monitoring device here."

The reason why he asked Carla to come with him was just to cover up the truth.

Now, every move of the people in the An family might be monitored. He had to be aware and secure against any potential threat.

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