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   Chapter 683 She Is Not Going To Be There

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Steven was waiting for his father to finish up when he heard a noise coming from the door. Looking towards the source of the noise, he wanted to check what it was all about.

Noticing a confident man walking out of the room, he stood up and gave him a courteous nod as a sign of respect.

He recognized Johnny, and he wondered if he was his father's very important guest.

Being a popular and prominent man in JA City, people had various impressions of him.

To some, he was nothing more than just a rich playboy, while others still had faith in him that he was a man with great untapped potential who could succeed in life.

"Mr. Steven, you may now go inside,"

the assistant said to Steven as he opened the door for him.

After seeing his son walk in, Gary had put away his political act and somehow immediately shifted into being a father to his son. He then looked at him and gave his handsome son a sweet and loving smile.

"Steven, good to see you back!"

"Good afternoon to you, too, Father,"

Steven greeted his father. Walking over towards him, he then took the teapot from his father's hand and said, "Allow me."

"Was it Johnny who just walked out?"

He asked casually as he poured hot tea in the cups on the table.

Taking his glasses off, Gary rubbed his nose and sat back on his chair. Absentmindedly, he then replied, "Yes, it was him. He's the new CEO of the OL Group. Now that young men like him have taken over the businesses around us, it's now the new generation's world, I must say. But it's a good thing for them to learn such skills at a young age. And I bet that when they get to my age, they'll surely be able to do a lot more than what my generation was able to do."

"Steven, our family is relying on you to carry forward and develop the family legacy."

Putting down the teapot, Steven passed a cup of tea to him and replied, "Father, I had just finished school. I think I'll need more time to learn more things so I could be well-prepared."

"Ha-ha, but I know you very well! I know you like to paint and travel. You want to spend more years to look at nature's beautiful views."

Gary was sure that if it were in the olden days, Steven would have been a poor artist or poet.

Gary smiled. He then let out a deep sigh as he put his glasses back on and said, "Steven, you have to know that I am worried about you. You are just being too kind and nice. Indeed, kindness is a good quality to have. However, it makes a man weak. And I am afraid that I find you incapable of protecting yourself.

If I couldn't protect you in the future, how else would you survive in this world? For all the years that I have been living in this world, I assure you that this world is not as pretty as you think it is. You have to learn how to protect yourself!"

Sitting beside his father, Steven ga

all finally connected. Terence stood up and started to talk on the phone.

But after a while, he hung up. Frowning, it seemed that Nathan's suspicion was right all along.

"Mr. Terence, what do you think we should do next? If we do let it happen, won't it affect our current partners? They might think we have lost the government's support. As the result, they might start to slowly end their partnerships with us."

If it were a small contract, the AJ Group was going to be fine. However, this was a big project as it was about to expand to the urban areas of JA City.

Losing this contact would hurt the company's business more or less.

"I will not let it happen! Nathan, adjust my schedule for today. I need to go to the OL Group later," Terence said with determination on his face as he suddenly stood up from his chair.

Many corporations swarmed the city, working together here and there for various projects, just like how the AJ Group and the OL group had their connections, too.

Being professionals when it came to work, Terence and Johnny never let their personal issues affect their work.

Suddenly, just when Nathan was trying to contact Johnny's assistant, his phone rang.

Afterwards, Nathan walked to Terence and reported, "Mr. Terence, Mr. Johnny's assistant just called. He said that Mr. Johnny wants to meet with you tonight."

"He also wanted me to add that he doesn't mind you bringing Ms. Carla to the meeting..."

Upon hearing that, Terence sneered, "After all this time, he still has feelings for Carla."

"Tell him to meet me in the VIP room of the TH Restaurant. Also, tell him that Carla is busy taking care of our daughter. Thus, she will not be joining us tonight."

Nathan was stunned for a moment after hearing what Terence had just said. After he had recovered from spacing out, he took out his phone and called Johnny's assistant back.

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