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   Chapter 682 Gary's Plan

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"Mrs. Carla, you might not know much. Do you know who Steven really is?"

Nathan couldn't resist asking her as he was driving. He figured Carla had misunderstood Terence.

Carla shook her head. "I don't, all I know is he comes from a very rich family."

"That isn't entirely wrong. His family is not only rich but also really powerful. He is the only son of our city's new mayor, Gary!"

explained Nathan, his eyes fixed on the road.

Carla's eyes widened in shock.

It took her a while to process it, actually. She hadn't expected that at all.

Grace's uncle was the ex-mayor. Steven's father was the current mayor. Naturally, the two families didn't get along well.

Carla was surprised at how much Grace liked Steven despite that. She couldn't help but wonder if it was actually some political maneuvering.

It was beyond Carla's understanding.

She looked at Terence, who was sitting next to her. She finally understood why he disliked Steven so much. He wasn't jealous of him, like she had thought earlier.

It was better for her to stay away from people with political backgrounds as strong as Steven's.

"You don't have to worry, honey. I will stay away from him," Carla put her hand on the back of Terence's hand. Since he didn't like Steven much, she had decided to keep her distance from him.

Even though Carla thought of Steven as an honest and upright person with little to no ego and no ulterior motives, she would not befriend him for Terence's sake.

It wasn't his fault. They were just on two very different camps.

Terence wrapped his arm around her shoulder, keeping quiet.

He didn't really want Carla to get involved in the fight between the Su family and the An family.

The Su family was currently in power. Gary was going to start a war with Terence. It was better if Carla didn't get close to any members of the Su family, so she could stay out of any mess that might occur in the days that were to follow.

A week passed by.

There was some news from the prison. Marcus had got two of his ribs broken in a fierce group fight. He was taken to the prison hospital.

This brawl in the prison wasn't something unusual. However, Edmund knew this was Gary's tactic to force him to save Marcus.

What he hadn't thought about was that it would come back to him so aggressively.

"Father, do you believe me now? I never lied to you! If I had any other choice, I wouldn't have called you for help. They almost took my eyes out last time! This time, I got two of my ribs fractured..."

mumbled Marcus, lying on the bed in a miserable condition. He couldn't help but cry out loud about the poor tre


Johnny replied.

"It's true, but we can't just let one business corner the market forever. The past is the past and the present is different, don't you think? I am an upstanding man. Even though An family is powerful, I will never give the green light to them,"

Gary replied seriously.

In the past, all the new projects in JA City were given to the AJ Group. Now with Gary in charge, the tables could turn.

"Oh! Does that mean if I try my best, you will help me out?" Johnny asked, raising his eyebrows.

He had heard that the Su family and the An family didn't get along very well, but he wasn't sure.

It seemed like the rumor was true, after all.

Gary smiled, slightly shaking his head. "I will take that as a joke. I am the mayor of this city. Keeping the market healthy is my job. It's not up to me to take sides."

Johnny touched his nose and smiled. Standing up, he nodded his head, saying, "You're right, sir. The OL Group is going to try its best to get this tender. I hope you can handle it impartially and give a chance to a business like mine..."

"Of course, I will make sure it's fair and open to everyone. I hope your business can guarantee the product's quality and make the consumers happy!"

Gary also stood up and shook Johnny's hand.

Currently, Johnny's family and the Qi family were the only two families that were powerful enough to challenge the An family.

Gary had heard that the Qi family had a deep connection with the An family. He had no choice but to support Johnny's family.

Johnny was smart. Gary didn't have to lay out everything for Johnny to get his idea across.

Johnny gave him a sly smile before finally heading out the door.

And as he turned his back to Gary, Johnny's smile got wider.

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