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   Chapter 681 What A Coincidence!

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When Steven heard Victor's invitation to go to the prairies to eat, he frowned since he was sure that Terence and Carla would also be there.

Political affairs may not be something he participated in but Steven knew about the relationship between the An family and the Su family. It was improper for him to appear in the same private occasion with Terence.

"Mr. Steven, I hope to try the whole roast lamb. Please..." Victor repeated his request.

Steven sighed at his words and nodded, "Okay. Just go have dinner there."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Steven! Thank you!" Victor immediately smiled at that because he knew that Steven had a good temper and never treated them as servants.

That was also the reason why Victor was casual to Steven but he'd never do that if Steven's father, Gary, was in the same room.


There was a beautiful Mongolian yurt in the prairies in the evening.

Bonfires were burning around the Mongolian yurt.

The Mongolian family living in the yurt was singing and also pouring the kumis for the guests.

While Carla didn't know how Terence persuaded the family to come here, she had to admit that the atmosphere became closer to the primitive Mongolian tribes after the family came.

"How did you invite them here? You must've paid a lot, right?" Carla asked.

The kumis in her bowl had a unique strong smell that she wasn't used to.

"It's not as bad as you said it would be. I did pay them some, but I persuaded them to come here through a different way," Terence said. A frown appeared on Terence's face when he took a sip of the kumis, since he didn't drink it much, he wasn't used to the smell too.

"Really? So how did you persuade them?"

Carla asked since she was very curious on how he got the whole family to leave their hometown and live here.

Terence looked at a Mongolian woman who was dancing around the bonfire and smiled meaningfully.

"I invited everyone, not just the whole family, but also the whole village. The families in that village are free to come and live here. They could just regard it as a family holiday. That way, not only can they have a good time, but also make money, so it's easier to persuade them.

It's only on its trial operation stage right now, so there's only one family. But when the scenic spot officially starts doing business, there will be

s narrowed slightly when he saw that Steven was in the car right beside them.

Of course, Steven's car was also on its way to JA City. The prairies were in a distant location, so if the tourists wanted to go back to JA City, they would definitely pass through the same road.

Steven felt a stare digging into him so he turned around and saw Terence in the car right beside them.

"Hello... Mr. Terence."

It was said with some hesitation but Steven took the initiative to say hello to Terence even if he wasn't looking at him. Steven thought that it would be impolite if he didn't greet him, so he rolled down his window.

Terence glanced at Steven's direction and only mumbled in response.

"I've heard of Mr. Terence's fame for a long time, but I just didn't have the courage to say hello to you. My name's Steven. I'm very happy to..."

Before Steven finished, Terence's car had already started to drive away.

When Steven looked at the traffic light, it had already turned green.

In the car, Carla looked at Steven who was far behind and then she looked at Terence and said, "I think you're being rude in treating Steven like this."

She was right next to Terence so she heard Steven's words.

"Rude? We're on the road. Is it polite if I stop the car on the road and chatted with him?"

Terence refuted in an unusual tone.

It stunned Carla to feel Terence's anger but she thought it was reasonable, because Terence said that he didn't like Steven.

But she really didn't expect that they would meet Steven today. What a coincidence!

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