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   Chapter 680 Sweet Kiss In The Prairies (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5558

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His interest in the couple suddenly turned into envy. He thought that they should be so lucky to have such freedom to kiss each other so romantically out in the open without any restriction and strange looks from the public.

Steven thought, 'How happy they are! I wish everyone could be free like them.'

As Terence was immersed in deep kisses with her wife, he suddenly noticed the painter on the other side of the river.

And at that moment, Carla noticed where Terence's eyes were and was about to see what he was glancing at. But he was quick and covered her sight before she could see anything. Afterwards, another stream of hot and overwhelming kisses began to flood her lips.

On the other side of the river, Steven was shocked when his eyes met Terence's

'It's him! He's that man!' Steven felt disbelief in his heart.

Steven didn't actually see each of the couple's faces clearly before he and Terence exchanged glances. But with that one glance, he was able to recognize who Terence was.

Then, Steven thought, 'So, that means that the woman is...'

Minutes have passed and Carla pushed Terence away from her as she gasped for air. Although they were alone in the prairie, she still thought that it was inappropriate for them to do such an intimate thing in public.

However, just when she thought about stopping, she accidentally noticed that there were two men on the other side of the river—one sitting in front of a drawing board, as if drawing the view in front of him.

From a distance, she wasn't really able to see clearly who the man was, but she had the feeling that the man's face was vaguely familiar.

"Come on Carla, it

ack to reality, he shook his head and put his pencil down.

"Mr. Steven, is everything alright? Why did you stop drawing?"

His face in a puzzle, Victor asked him after he saw that he was not doing anything for a long period of time.

"Pack up! It's time to go back," said Steven. Then, he stood up and began to pack up all of his drawing and painting essentials.

Hearing his words, Victor immediately said, "What? Mr. Steven, the sun is still up. Why do we have to go back so early?" Victor scratched his head in frustration, thinking, 'We've traveled a long way to be here only for Mr. Steven to stay for a short while. Why does he want to go back all of a sudden?'

But Steven only gave him an indifferent glance as a response. Without asking further questions, Victor helped him pack the rest of the materials with his head down.

"Mr. Steven, when we arrived, I saw that the scenic spot in the prairies is still in trial operation. Although there are not many customers, the food here is very delicious. How about we go and try the whole roast lamb here?"

Victor suggested with a laugh.

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