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   Chapter 679 Sweet Kiss In The Prairies (Part One)

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Without hesitation, Victor helped Steven assemble the drawing board in his desired position.

Taking the folding table and chair from the car, he also helped Steven set up the bottles of paint as well as the brushes.

"Wait for a moment, Mr. Steven," said Victor. Using his sleeves, he brushed the leaves off the chair. When it was all clear, he extended his hand to Steven, giving him a signal that it was OK for him to sit down on it.

Steven sat down, took the camera out of the bag then took a picture of the beautiful scene that he wanted to paint so that he could still continue painting it back home.

Afterwards, he grabbed his pencil and drew a rough sketch on his paper.

At the same time, in the distance, he couldn't help but notice the sweet couple riding on the prairie.

Carla rode the horse excitedly, showing her inner child. Although she already felt tired, she still didn't want to dismount the horse.

Side by side with Carla, Terence pulled the reins to stop the horse.

"Hey, Carla, it's time to go back!" Terence shouted to Carla.

Slowing down her horse, Carla looked back at Terence, and yelled back, "Can you please let me ride for a little while longer? Just give me a few more minutes!"

However, Terence didn't answer back. He put the horse into a halt and got off.

Noticing that Terence had stopped, Carla also did the same, only to find out that her husband was coming over to her. Then, Terence climbed up on Carla's horse and held her by the waist as he took the reins.

"Okay, you can ride for a few more minutes. But, this time, I'm going with you..."

Terence whispered to Carla's ear affectionately as he held her from behind. Grabbing the reins, they continued to ride

he hurriedly took the camera and aimed it at the couple and took their picture. Then, he immediately took his pencil and began to draw the picture that he just took.

But after sketching a few lines, he wasn't able to help but blush. He thought, 'Wow, they're such a sweet couple!

They've already kissed thrice in such a short time. They must really be that in love with each other!'

Steven took a glance at Victor who sat beside him. But Victor was too busy playing with his mobile game that he didn't notice the beautiful couple across the river.

But Steven stopped to draw. He felt too embarrassed to see other people behave so intimately while he continued with his art. He really wanted to move his sight away from the couple, only to find himself staring at them again.

Meanwhile, on the horseback, Terence leaned over to her back as his lips met with her neck and kissed her softly. Carla, on the other hand, couldn't help but moan in delight, as she turned delirious by the kiss, and responded in the same way.

Steven, on the other side of the river, couldn't help but feel lost at what he saw with his eyes in broad daylight.

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