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Clara touched her own face, feeling the wet, sticky paint on her cheek. The sensation made her chuckle.

"We are a couple! That's what they call sharing, you know. We are sharing the colors together!"

Carla defended with a cunning smile. Upon seeing the arrogance on her face, Terence couldn't help but lean in and kiss her on the lips.

The paint spread from one's cheek to the other's as they kissed. At the end, their beautiful faces were colored in the most unique and aesthetic way.

Slowly, Terence lifted her up from the chair while kissing her wildly. He lay her on the couch, tearing her colored apron apart.

Soon, with his palms and mouth running all over her, both of their bodies were covered with paint too.

However, neither of them really minded it. The slithering and sliding actually turned them on.

Around three o'clock in the morning, Terence finally carried Carla into the bedroom.

She decided to take a bath and let the water run in the tub.

She then lay in the tub. The water sprinkled on her body. Colored streams of paint rinsed out of her body. All the colors trickled and washed away like a beautiful rainbow. After looking at the curves of her own body, she raised her eyes to meet Terence's gaze, only to find it full of lust.

She sighed in her heart, knowing he wouldn't let her go to sleep easily tonight.

Truth be told, she wasn't wrong.

By the time they got out of the bathroom, the day was already breaking.

Looking at his satisfied face, she thought, 'The only good thing for a man to stay celibate for years is to have endless energy to make love once he tried it. He can go all night long! Terence really has nothing to worry about regarding his sex life.'

Carla could only sleep after the sun had risen completely.

She slept soundly until one o'clock in the afternoon. She was woken up by her grumbling stomach.

"Mrs. Carla, lunch is served. Please have a few bites before you go back to sleep!"

said Sophie, standing outside Carla's room.

Carla's face blushed in embarrassment, wondering what Sophie was thinking. "Thank you, Sophie. I will be there in a minute. Where is Sally?"

"Mr. Sean has taken Miss Sally out. Rainer is with them, so you don't have to worry about anything..."

Sophie replied.

Relaxing, Carla was satisfied that Sally was with Sean.

Carla cursed Terence in her heart. It was because of him that she was sleeping at such unusual hours again! It wasn't even the first time!

She then got out of

r eyes lit up just with the thought of toughing them.

Terence was surprised to see how much she liked the brown horse. "The white one is yours,"

said Terence, raising his eyebrows. He had assumed that she would like the white horse better.

Carla turned her head and looked at him. She slowly walked toward the white horse. Suddenly, she turned around, put one foot in the stirrup and jumped on the back of the brown horse.

"Let me ride one round with this one first. I will change horses with you!"

Carla had always preferred brown horses over horses of any other colors. For her, real horses were wild and dark. With that, she shouted, kicked the horse and rode off!

Terence looked at her receding figure. He had no choice but to get on the white horse. He got on it and started chasing after her.

Nathan stood by the car. He held a camera up, taking a few shots of them. Once done, he got into the car and drove to them.

Terence had told him to take tons of pictures of them. No matter where they went, Nathan was supposed to catch up and capture photos them.

Terence wanted to use these photos to surprise Carla on their 10th wedding anniversary.

All he wanted was for her to be happy. Capturing these lovely moments would surely do that.

On the other side of the field, a car parked by the riverside.

"Sir, why do you have to come here to draw? There are many beautiful views in JA City. This place is so far..."

said Victor as he got out of the car with a big easel on his back. Steven glanced at him coldly, shutting him up.

He then drew a green backpack from the car. Flinging it on his shoulder, he walked away on the road.

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