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   Chapter 677 Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself Again!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8800

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Terence's face darkened at the offer. He glanced at the pile of photos coldly before turning back to his father. He was sick of him always bringing this up. "Seriously, Father?

Do you think Carla would fall in love with such a preposterous idea? Even then, we already have Sally. Aren't you sick and tired of worrying over the same thing? Because I am."

Edmund sputtered in response, turning dark red from the accusation. "I'm just trying to help, Son," he said gruffly. "What if Carla can't give you another one?"

"We have Eric, don't we?"

"Just by the looks of that kid, he will be a spoiled brat once he grows older,"

Edmund retorted. Eunice had already spoiled Eric to an extent that the kid would kick and scream whenever he didn't get what he wanted. If the family corporation fell into his hands, God forbid, Edmund would be rolling in his grave.

Sally was a smart girl. There wasn't any argument to that, but she would be marrying into another family. She wouldn't have much time to worry over the family business.

Though that didn't mean Edmund didn't care for Sally, for he cared for her a lot! He just didn't want the weight of the entire corporation on her shoulders. It would be too stressful, even for her.

"If you really want to have another grandson, I will suggest that you wait,"

Terence snapped, before turning around and leaving the room.

Edmund blinked, still trying to process what had happened. However, when he was ready to respond, he was already left alone in his study area.

Terence was finally home, parking his car right outside the house. He peered into the windows as he stepped out.

The light in the kitchen was still on. That must mean that Carla was still awake.

As soon as the car engine died, a skinny figure ran from the porch, gripping him into a tight hug.

"Did you wait for me?"

Terence asked in surprise, holding her close. He had already texted her previously to not wait for him.

Carla hugged him tightly, like a koala bear hugging a tree. She didn't want to let go of him. "I want to have dinner with you. I'm not in the mood to eat, if you are not around. Have you eaten?"

Terence lowered his head before roughly kissing her. "No, I was afraid you are still waiting for me at home for dinner. So I rushed to come home to you."

"Did you really eat nothing? Not even a sip of water?"

Carla narrowed her eyes.

Terence laughed out loud from her teasing. He held her by the jaw. "No, but I can have some from you though."

Once he finished speaking, he pushed himself against her. His tongue poked into her mouth, exploring every inch

She was so focused with her eyes narrowed at the canvas as her paint brush deepened on the page. She was deep in thought that she didn't even notice the flecks of color on her cheeks.

Her eyes twinkled as she inched her stool closer to the canvas. He couldn't find it in himself to disturb her.

Terence quietly walked behind her to see that she was painting a sunset.

It looked like the one they always saw outside of the Seaview Villa. The sunset glow turned the sky red and tinted the ocean orange. The blend of colors was fascinating and real that it almost felt like he was standing there with her watching the sunset all over again.

He had seen a lot of sunsets, all of them taking different forms and colors. However, this one, the one captured by her painting, was the most beautiful one he had ever seen.

He looked at the clock. Though he didn't want to disturb her, it was already getting late. She also needed sleep.

By the time they were ready to sleep, it would be one o'clock in the morning. He didn't want her to stay up that late.

"Carla, it's time to go to sleep. It's a little over twelve now..."

Terence leaned forward to whisper in her hear.

Hearing his voice, Carla jumped, accidently poking him with her paintbrush. She didn't notice that he was already this close to her.

"Oops, when did you stand behind me?"

When she had turned around, she busted out laughing.

There was a stroke of orange paint at the right side of his face. It went from his forehead all the way up to his chin. He looked ridiculous.

Terence didn't have to touch his face to figure out where the paint was. He leaned over to her, "Are you really that jealous of my clean face that you have to paint on mine to make it even?"

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