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   Chapter 676 Edmund's Concern

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Terence hadn't heard about Marcus in years. Ever since he was put in prison, he wasn't the most favorite topic when it came to dinners and parties.

Since Marcus came to the funeral, he knew that the things between them had already changed.

Marcus was also a grandson of Nicholas, so it was normal for him to join his grandfather's funeral.

However, Terence had a suspicion.

It was hard for a prisoner to stay updated about the outside world. Even if they had asked the governor, the family still didn't have strong enough ties with him to be the first on their 'inform' list.

Since Nicholas's death came too quickly, no one in the family had informed him.

Marcus was not close to Nicholas as well, so no one would care if he'd show up or not.

So questions came to him. 'Who had told him?

Who had allowed Marcus to leave? Who had informed him?'

None of the family members were informed of him coming to the funeral.

Everything seemed normal on the surface, a grandson visiting his grandfather's funeral. However, Terence knew that something was brewing underneath them, more than he thought.

"Initially, I didn't think of anything... but no matter what, he is your brother, isn't he?"

Edmund looked at Terence before turning away.

Edmund felt sorry for what he had done to Terence, which was why he invited him over, to discuss what could be done to Marcus. He needed Terence to be here to voice out his thoughts.

Their family was in a tough spot right now. If anything, they needed to watch and analyze their every move.

"If you're worried for him, I could transfer him to another prison. I'll make sure he's okay."

Terence offered after a few minutes of deliberating.

It was the best they could do for Marcus, given that the Su family had come into more power. They didn't need any paper or receipts that they could use against them. To do that, they needed everything to be sparkling clean.

"I thought of the same thing, but if someone is truly behind this, don't you think he'd stop at just one prison?" Edmund sighed.

"Father, don't you think we're being too passiv

trouble us any longer."

Terence stood up. "That's right. Taking him down is hard, but it's not impossible.

We need to get to him and his office slowly."

Gary was not untouchable. That, Terence was sure of. All he needed was to do more investigating, and the dirt would be all over them before he'd even touch the An family.

"Father, I have to go. Carla is waiting for me at home. If I have time, I will come over again."

Terence bid goodbye once he glanced back at his watch. It was already a little over eight. Carla must be worried of him.

"Wait, Terence!"

Edmund stood up. He coughed uncomfortably before pulling out pictures of beautiful girls.

"I knew how much you love Carla. I like her and Sally too. However, our family needs a man to take care of the business after you." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"If... if Carla can't give you a son, you should consider to find a woman for surrogacy. Don't push it off for too long."

He motioned to the pictures and the files behind them. "Here are some women I found for you. They all have clear backgrounds and good education. If you don't want to touch them, that's fine. I can arrange the hospital for insemination..."

Edmund suggested, rambling on. Terence was already a little over thirty now. Though he still got plenty of years ahead of him, it would be better if he started training a son while he was healthy and young.

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