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   Chapter 675 Marcus's Miserable Life

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"Please! Please stop! I am so sorry..."

All Marcus could see was dark as he could feel the blood dribbling down his cheek. A jolting pain came from his right eye, burning its way through his skull but he didn't dare scream.

If he did, the gang leader might make more of an effort to scare him further. Marcus didn't want to make the situation worse for himself, especially since he was dealing with hardcore criminals.

"It's my fault for not seeing you, my fault, p-please leave me alone now..."

In prison, that man was the boss. Marcus didn't know if it was because of the money he had possessed from dealing drugs or if it was because of the influence he had garnered from his long years inside. Even guards decided it was the best to ignore what he was doing at the expense of everybody else. Marcus had no choice but to beg for mercy.

"What'll happen if I just take your eye out, eh?"

The gang leader laughed wickedly, and so did his other goons. Marcus let out a gutted noise feeling his fingers pressing deeper into his eye.

"Don't, please don't! I mean, if I lost an eye, you'd have to face the consequences of looking at my ugly face, right?" Marcus forced out a shaky smile, teeth gritting through the pain.

As if the gang leader had already processed his words, he finally let go off him, backing away. "True enough, I'll let you go this time around, asshole. But the next time, if you turn your back on me again, I'll make sure none of your eyeballs stay with you!"

Upon dropping his last word, his palm connected with Marcus's face. He spat out blood on the pavements, his cheeks going numb from the intensity of the slap. "Get out of my sight while I'm in a good mood."

"Yes, sir! Will do."

With the leader's permission, Marcus felt his body relax. He staggered back up, bowing at them before turning around.

However, before he could take one step forward, the leader stepped forward and kicked him from the behind. The entire prison echoed with their laughter.

Marcus was thrown off balance as he stumbled back on the pavements, scraping his knees even further.

Standing back up, Marcus put his head down as his hands balled into fists. But he didn't dare face them again. Instead, he walked away.

It was late afternoon

when Edmund received a call from the prison.

"Father, please... please save me. I can't hold out any longer."

No one had bullied Marcus in the past. In fact, if possible, he could be the one doing the bullying. As a member of the An Family, he had always been well respected. Even when he was in the wrong, nobody ever had it in h

e wasn't really much to do at home so he didn't want to retire just yet.

Terence was already on his way back to the Seaview Villa. After receiving a call from Race, he turned his car around and drove over to the East Yard.

"What's wrong, Father?"

Terence walked over to the study area where his father was sitting, getting straight to the point.

He had already planned to have dinner with Carla. So as much as possible, he'd want to end it here quickly and get to her as fast as he could.

"You're finally here! Take a seat. If you want, I can go call out for dinner." Edmund signaled him to take the seat in front of him.

"I can't. Just tell me what you need. I already told Carla I'd have dinner with her,"

Terence said as he took a seat.

Edmund sighed, "I just had a conversation with Governor Feng."

Upon hearing that, Terence's eyes darkened. Governor Feng was the one who was responsible for the prison which Marcus was serving his sentence in. Terence immediately knew Edmund was going to talk about Marcus.

"Did anything happen to Marcus?"

Edmund closed his eyes and sighed again. "I had a pretty good relationship with him, so I'd assumed that he was willing to help out. I called him to know about what just happened with Marcus, but he just kept making excuses and refusing to meet with me." His eyes narrowed.

"I feel like someone's behind this."

Edmund being the head, had been in charge of the An family and the AJ Group for years. He had very sharp eyes and senses. He could tell that there was more behind what Marcus was saying, deeper than any of them could comprehend right now.

"Father, do you think someone's beating him up on orders?"

It was as if Terence had read his mind.

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