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   Chapter 674 Carla's Cooking

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As Carla checked the contents of the refrigerator, she suddenly realized that she only knew how to cook vegetables and fish. That was what they mostly had back in BT Village.

Carla might have had adequate knowledge in preparing vegetables and fish, but it was still Cathy who was regarded as the best cook when it came to dealing with vegetables.

Living in BT Village for four years, Cathy taught her the basics of cooking. Carla decided to make four vegetable dishes and some fish soup.

Gathering all the ingredients she needed, she went on and started to prepare the food.

When she was done cooking the sumptuous meal, she asked one of their servants to take the food to Terence upstairs.

Terence's stomach was already growling out of hunger. Smelling the appetizing scent of the food, he immediately walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas to check where the smell was coming from.

He then took a good look at the dishes lined up on the table. Seeing Carla still wearing her apron, he asked, "Did you make them, honey?"

Carla sat down while she put rice into the bowls. She served one bowl of rice for Terence and kept one for herself. "Yup! Why do you ask that? Is it really that hard to believe?"

Terence walked over the table and sat down. He didn't reply, but his face showed doubt that his wife had, indeed, made the food in front of him. Grabbing his chopsticks, he took a bite of his food.

The dish tasted bland at first. But after chewing on it a few times, Terence could taste the burst of flavor from the ingredients.

Just having one bite of the dish, he could not help but nod his head in delight. He was all too sure that Sophie couldn't make such a delicious dish.

Giving his wife an amazed look, he took the ladle and served himself some soup. After having a taste of it, he finally asked, "Honey, since when did you take cooking classes?"

Carla then grabbed her chopsticks as she tried her own dishes. Pleased with how her creations turned out, she replied, "Huh? How could I not be good at cooking? I had taken the class for four years! I must be good by now, don't you think?"

Hearing what she had said, Terence was stunned. He then suddenly realized that she learned how to cook these dishes back when she was still in BT Village.

"So, what other things do you know how to do?"

Putting down her chopsticks, she reached her hand out and started to count with her fingers. "Hmm... I guess I can do hoeing, planting seedlings, growing vegetables, mending and..."

Aside from cooking, these skills she counted were necessary to learn while living off-grid. In such a tough environment like BT village, it was not really that difficult to learn those skills.

But Terence could only frown upon hearing such words from his wife. His eyes reflected the pang in his chest as he felt how hard her life was back in the village

ery fast as it had already been a month since Nicholas passed away.

JA City might have appeared very peaceful and tranquil, but it was only the calm before the storm.

Meanwhile, Marcus was serving his time behind bars in the south of JA City.

"Son of a bitch, where do you think you're going? I'm talking to you! Why don't you come over and say hi? Do I even have to teach you how to say hi? Manners!"

It seemed that Marcus was having a bad day. In response, he just turned around and grinned from ear to ear. "Of course not! I was just rushing to get to the bathroom, so I didn't see you. My bad!"

Initially, no one had ever dared to bully Marcus, because everyone was aware on how powerful the An family was. That being said, people in prison had treated him with the utmost respect. Although freedom had been taken away from him, his life behind bars was not at all that bad.

However, ever since this leader of a gang came in over a half a year ago, Marcus's good time was shut down.

Marcus had no idea why this leader was always against him in every way. He even thought that maybe he was just a natural bully, or that he was jealous of the money that his family had. But no matter what he did, the bully just kept on picking on him, even for no apparent reason.

Marcus had already told the prison guards about it. They all said that they would handle the bullying situation. However, days had passed and nothing had changed.

As time flew by, the leader only grew worse in picking on him, which seemed that his lifelong mission was to annoy and bully poor Marcus to his senses.

"Oh, so you didn't see me... Okay, come over here! Let me take a good look at your eyes. You might have an eye problem!"

This gang leader said sarcastically as he cracked an evil smile and walked towards Marcus. Without any warning, he grabbed Marcus by the collar and pressed his fingers hard on his eyes.

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