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   Chapter 673 Terence's Jealousy

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After walking out of the restaurant, Steven could still feel the burning inside the chest. It definitely wasn't from the coffee now as everything had cooled down. He didn't know why he still felt that way, but he also didn't want to stop it.

Although he just bumped into Carla by accident, the little incident only made him want to see her again the next time around.

At the thought, Steven immediately shook his head. Carla was already married to Terence, and they already had a daughter.

It was impossible for him to be with her. And she definitely wasn't someone he should get or even court for that matter.

He shook those thoughts away and stepped on the gas.

Unknown to him, however, was that he forgot about Victor who had just walked out of the restaurant holding the two cups of coffee he had asked for. "Mr. Steven? Mr. Steven!"

Victor blinked, watching the car speed off in the distance.

He furrowed his eyebrows. Steven had always treated him well. He'd even go through lengths to buy him an extra cup of coffee whenever he got one, so Victor really didn't know why he was in such a hurry to drive away without him.

'Have I done something wrong?' Victor thought in confusion.

Meanwhile, Carla was in a hurry earlier because the car for Cody was already waiting outside. Cody's grandma had already sent it for him, so she needed to bring him in without delay.

After Cody got into the car, Carla took Sally back to the Seaview Villa.

It seemed that all she really needed was a good night's sleep. Without one, she was prone to make mistakes and slip-ups like these. Her face reddened from the incident earlier. She just wasn't feeling like herself.

It was a good thing that she made it up to Steven by buying him some new clothes, or else she'd feel guilty the whole ride home.

An hour later, Terence had finally arrived.

Carla was already sleeping when he went into the room. The past days had already exhausted her completely. Terence moved in closer, landing butterfly kisses across her neck and lips.

She groaned as she moved closer to his body. Though she didn't open her eyes once, she knew it was him. Carla kissed him back, allowing him to take her twice before she fell asleep once again.

Terence couldn't help but chuckle from the exchange, glancing down at the woman who had her legs wrapped around him. She was beautiful. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, before going to sleep with her.

Carla had slept for hours that night. When she finally woke up, it was al

ready for the day ahead.

She took a shower, letting the steam loosen her bones. When she was done, she walked downstairs to make something to eat.

"Ms. Carla, please don't do that! Let me make dinner for you! Just tell me what you like..."

Sophie said in panic when she rushed over to take over, but Carla wouldn't let her, shaking her head.

"Thank you, Sophie, but I just want to make something special for Terence. Don't worry, I won't burn down the kitchen." Carla laughed.

She had spent four years in BT Village. While she was there, she had to do everything on her own whether it was doing the laundry or cooking her own meals. Due to limited resources back then, she couldn't make delicious food. However, her cooking skills did tremendously improved through the years.

Carla had already searched the cabinet, finding everything she needed to make a meal that she knew Terence would love.

"I didn't mean that, Mrs. Carla. Do you need any help?" Sophia watched Carla roll up her sleeves as she placed all the cooking utensils beside the ingredients. She looked like she knew what she was doing.

"Sophie, I'm fine, truly. Go get some rest. If I mess it up, I'm sure to call for you!" Carla chuckled, waving her away.

Carla thought of how thoughtful and caring Julie was to Noah, so she figured she might steal a few tricks from their book and do something nice for Terence.

Although she barely cooked for him, every time she did, he always seemed to be fond of her cooking. She grabbed some vegetables and washed them in the sink.

Now, it was time for her to do something nice for him for a change. She grinned, turning on the stove and starting to cook.

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