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   Chapter 671 The Tables Have Been Turned

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Edmund did not have the heart to face him. Turning his back on him, he opened his eyes as he breathed a heavy sigh.

"Marcus, your grandfather just passed away. It's a difficult time for everyone in the family. And that's why I am asking you not to cause any trouble. Just stay in prison and serve your time in peace."

Right before Nicholas passed away, he had entrusted Edmund with some tasks and asked him not to make any single mistake while handling them after he died.

The pressure was on, for Edmund was expected to never let his family do any wrong.

On top of that, if he took Marcus out of prison, he would only put the whole family in a very tight situation.

"Father! I know that you're the only one who can help me! Grandpa was the one dead set on putting me behind bars. Now that he's gone, you can help me out, right? Please, help me out! I know you can pull some strings! You can do that, right?"

Marcus said in anguish.

And above anything else, going back to prison was the last thing Marcus would ever want. Prison was scary for him along with the endless labor, dirty halls and sloppy food. He really had enough of it!

"The evil you bring on yourself is the hardest to bear. Can't you see? You can't blame anyone else but yourself!"

Edmund turned around and glared at him with much disappointment and rage. "Can you count how many times I had given you chance after chance before you got in this prison? When you sent the killers after your own brother, you should have already been sent to prison. I tried my very best to persuade your grandpa on letting you off the hook and giving you another chance. But, you blew it with your next stint!"

"Apart from the fact that you tried to murder Terence again, you even attempted to kill your own grandfather! I could not believe that you could still be so shameless about what you've done and even have the gall to ask me to take you out of there!"

"Do you really think that what you have done would be erased and forgotten with your grandpa's death?"

Seeing Edmund was still mad at him for what he had done in the past, Marcus crawled on his knees to Edmund in desperation. Clutching on Edmund's shirt, he cried, "Father! I know I was wrong! I know my mistakes now! I really do! And I have already served five years of my life in prison! Night and day in those five years, I have felt nothing but regret for what I have done!

Father, I beg you! Please use your connections to pull some strings to get me out of there! Please save me! I swear! I swear to God I have already learned my lesson and I am not going to do anything wrong in the future! God knows I will spend the rest of my life in peace!

I am not going to fight for anything. I just want to spend the rest of my life to be with you, my dear father! I don't want to ever experience this again. I can't even see Grandpa for the last time before he passed away. I didn't eve

ws how much he cares about his family. He is not going to watch his son suffer behind bars."

Gary repeatedly tapped his knee with his fingers. As long as he knew about Edmund's weakness, he would use it to his advantage to take him down easier as soon as possible.

"Give our men in the prison a call in a little while and ask them to put more pressure and security around Marcus. I don't think that Edmund would just stand by and do nothing to save his son."

If Edmund dared to say anything about the situation, Gary was going to make sure that he would be dealt with accordingly in their own terms.

As far as taking Terence down, Gary had decided to take it slow with his plan.

After all, everyone had his own weakness. Gary was so sure that he would find Terence's weakness in a matter of time.

"Mr. Gary. Mr. Steven's is on the phone..."

The assistant picked up the call and passed the phone to Gary.

"Hello, Steven, are you already home? I'll be home very soon. Yes, your mother is home."

Gary picked up the call with a big smile on his face. Although he only had one son, he couldn't be any more proud of him for the person he had become.

Steven was smart, sensible and extremely respectful to his parents.

"Is Mr. Steven home, sir? Mr. Gary, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful son such as Mr. Steven. And even at an early age, he had already earned his master's degree! And not only is he very smart, but also a very loyal child to you. I'm sure that he has a bright future ahead of him!"

the assistant complimented.

Steven was an outstanding guy, as he was kind and also very intelligent. Everyone who knew him would praise him for being a poster boy for perfection.

It was a couple of days ago when he left the city. As soon as he came back, he called his father.

As a matter of fact, in this generation of youngsters, it was very difficult to find children who were devoted to their parents.

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