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   Chapter 670 A Wedding and A Funeral

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Terence held her hand as they strayed away from the noisy crowd. Going through the forages of flowers and leaves, they found themselves at the bridge on the other side of the park.

Silence had finally intervened as the peaceful atmosphere fluttered around them. The water glinted in response to the visitors, as the birds chirped around them. This really was a brilliant place for a wedding.

The wind blew, introducing them to the colder months ahead. Summer had just passed, and the temperature had started to go down day by day.

Terence shrugged off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders almost automatically.

Compared to the wedding scene with ribbons and petals being thrown about, this was a more subdued setting. The water splashed around them. Fish sometimes flying out of the water. It was truly as if they had stepped into an enchanted forest. He couldn't help but admire the sight.

The two of them stood side by side in the bridge. They didn't have to talk as they leaned in to each other just admiring the view.

"Mr. Terence!"

Once Nathan had spotted them from afar, he hurried over almost gasping in breath.

"What's going on?"

Terence was the first one to turn, scanning the man's disheveled appearance. In that moment, his hands clenched. He had a feeling something was wrong.

"Mr. Terence, Mrs. Carla... It's Mr. Nicholas. He might not make it through–you need to go to the hospital–"

Nathan blabbered out, switching his stare from the two of them. Beads of sweat trickled down his neck, but he didn't care.


His heart dropped into the pits of his stomach when he processed the news. Terence let go Carla's hand in an instant before running out of the bridge, Carla blinked. She wasn't expecting the news to come right now, or even to get such news at all in the first place.

Without any hesitation, she raced after her husband.

As she was running, she rummaged her bag to pull out her phone. "Hello? Rainer?" she called once she had it in her hands. "Pick up Sally for me after the wedding, we have an emergency to take care of."

When they finally arrived at the hospital, panting from running the long way, Nicholas was already being transported to the ICU. Carla could only see him from afar, but from the looks of it, he looked lifeless–as if all the color had been sucked out from his body. A shiver went down her spine.

Terence looked on, his hand on the glass window. He was void of emotion as he turned to Nathan.

"Give my father a call and ask him to hurry back."

"Yes, Mr. Terence,"

Nathan responded before running out to make the respected phone call.

A while later, Rhys and Eunice finally came over.

"Carla, how's Grandpa?" When Rhys saw Terence's hard expression, he decided to ask Carla instead.

He knew Terence was the closest one to Nicholas. He must've been having a hard time trying to process that this was happenin

portrait without a word. It was Edmund and Rhys who were dealing with all the oncoming visitors.

People came and left, paying their condolences to the family.

During those times, Carla noticed that another familiar man stumbled into the hall and collapsed in front of the portrait with a loud thump.

As she moved closer, she realized that he was no other than Marcus who was supposed to be serving his time in prison.

Marcus seemed to be at a loss, with blotched eyes and nose. He shook, crying at the death of his grandfather.

Edmund stood beside him, but he didn't bother to directly address his presence.

Marcus was once Edmund's favorite son. He remembered spoiling him very much, so much that he became used to a life of lavishness and fun. In the end, he got himself locked behind bars.

Guards surrounded him, given that his sentence still wasn't completely served.

A few minutes later, Marcus stood up to look at his father. He could barely look him in the eye. "Father, can I have a few words with you?"

They went to the other room next to the hall.

Marcus had been serving for five years now. He looked older, with a stubble starting to grow around his jawline. When they were finally alone, he knelt before his father, trembling.

He cried his heart out. "Father, please save me!

It's been five years. I've learned my lesson!"

If it wasn't for Nicholas's death, Marcus wouldn't have a chance to get out of prison to talk to his family. No one in his family had paid him a visit during the past five years.

He had repented from what he had done for five years. He had spent every night in tears, just thinking of the fact. However, no one bothered to know about it.

Now, his grandfather's death had given him the chance to see his father. He was going to use this opportunity to beg for his family's help. He would rather kill himself than spend another fifteen years in prison. Over his dead body.

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