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   Chapter 669 The Wedding

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"Carla! What should I do?"

Violet's hand trembled, her gaze averting to the ground. She was as white as a sheet. Carla immediately held her, almost dropping the bottle in the process.

"Violet, calm down, you can do this. It's your wedding, okay? It's all right. Everyone's doing this. Every married woman has gone through this. It's really not as scary as you think.

If not, just think of it as one big party and you're the VIP."

Carla grinned, nudging her on the shoulders. Once Violet's hand had stopped shaking from the anxiety, she slowly loosened her hold over her friend.

Violet looked up at her with a shaky smile. "Right, you're right. It's not a big deal. I'll be okay."

"You're the VIP, remember that, yeah? Give them all a smile and a night to remember."

Once Violet had already started giggling from both of their enthusiasm, Carla had called back the makeup artist to fix her makeup. When that was done, she knelt over to pleat the ruffles at the bottom of her dress, making sure that everything would look perfect for the pictures.

A loud knock came from the door. The bridesmaids had set up a series of obstacles and challenges for William and his groomsmen in order to get to Violet. William, however, was quick on his feet as he overcame the challenges and easily made it to her bedroom.

This was his last challenge.

"Carla, keep him outside for me. I need to go to the bathroom first."

Carla looked at Violet who was flushed from the entire incident. She didn't know if it was because she was nervous or if she really needed to head to the bathroom. Either way, she wouldn't be holding her back.

"I'll handle it. Just, be okay." Carla squeezed her friend's hand before heading to the door.

She peeked through the peephole only to find people trying their best to squeeze in there too. Her eyebrows shot up in the air as she leaned in closer so that they could hear her from the other side of the room.

"Open the door! We've already faced the other challenges. We're ready for this one too."

From the man's voice, she could tell it was Theo.

"Mr. Theo, you all did come here prepared. However, this challenge isn't going to be easy. I mean if I just opened the door for you, do you really think it'll give you guys a challenge?"

From the hole through the door, she could see William in the center of the groomsmen. He wore a nice suit, his tie tied perfectly under his collar. Though he was forty, he looked ten years younger than his age, especially today.

"We're friends, aren't we, Carla? Let's open the door so we could catch up. Do

t. And it was beautiful.

Carla didn't really have the time to survey her wedding when she was a bride. However, now, it was a whole new different feel.

Carla watched as Violet walked down the carpet. Every step she took was slow and steady. A part of it was because of the heavy dress she had chosen while the other part was to savor every moment of it. She smiled at the sight. By the end of it, she was sure that Violet only wanted to just get in his arms as quickly as possible.

Sally and Cody followed right behind, each holding a basket of roses.

"You're watching them like a stalker. Why do you look like you're going to cry?"

Suddenly, a voice came from Carla's back.

She didn't need to turn around to know who he was. Terrence snaked his arms around her waist as he held her close.

"You're here!"

Carla turned her head to him and looked at him. She had a big smile on her face as she leaned close to his chest.

"How could I miss William's wedding?"

His eyes shone as he glanced back at his wife, entranced. He just couldn't stop staring at her. He leaned in to whisper, "You're even prettier than the bride."

Carla snorted, slapping his hand. Terence chuckled. To him, though there were many other beautiful women around them, Carla was the only girl he'd see.

On the stage, William held Violet's hand.

"Carla," Terence whispered. "What do you feel of another wedding?"

Carla, who was too busy admiring the couple on stage, shook her head almost immediately when he suggested it.

"No way. It's too much work." She made a face.

Terence laughed. His hand held her by the chin and tilted her head up for a kiss.

At that moment, the priest had shouted, "You may kiss the bride!"

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