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   Chapter 668 Before The Wedding

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"I got it, Father," Carla agreed easily to the reminder.

They finished the dinner. Kaylee left with Edmund first.

When they left, Carla heaved a heavy sigh and tugged at Terence. "Terence, do you know the person whom Father's going to visit?"

There wasn't much that Edmund told them when he left the house. And this time, he looked really serious.

When he saw that Sally was sleepy after eating, Terence poured a cup of after dinner tea for Carla and placed Sally on his lap.

"Father has an old friend in A City. He used to have a really good relationship with our family. But ten years ago something happened and our families drifted apart. I think Father's trying to rebuild their relationship."

As Terence explained, Carla nodded her head. She guessed that this old friend must be a big deal.

Carla draped Sally's abandoned jacket back over the now sleeping Sally.

After that, they left the restaurant.

Back in the Seaview Villa, Carla was already getting ready to go to bed, but Sophie stopped her.

"Mrs. Carla, you haven't taken your medicine."

Since they were already about to enter the elevator, Carla waved off Terence who was holding Sally in his arms once she got over her shock. She sighed, "You go first. I'll come up shortly."

It made Terence give her a pitiful smile as he pressed the elevator button and left her behind.

"Mrs. Carla, please wait for a little. The medicine will be ready soon. It's better for you to drink it while it's hot." Sophie gave Carla a smile, and she walked back into the kitchen.

It was something that Sophie could have brought to Carla later, but Sophie decided to stop her in case she might go to sleep.

There was even a call from Andrea to make sure Carla drank her medicine on time and Sophie had to obey.

More importantly, she really hoped that Carla could have a few more kids. More kids meant more happiness in the house.

There was no way for Carla to escape. She had to drink the medicine before she would be allowed to go upstairs.

When she passed by Sean's door, she knocked on it.

"Why are you still up?" Carla looked at him and asked when Sean opened the door for her.

"I wasn't. But now I'm awake to open the door for you." Since she just drank her medicine, it still remained on her. Sean took one whiff of her and jumped back. "Where did you go? Why do you smell like dog crap?"


he wedding.

"Carla, what should I do? I'm so nervous!"

Violet was sweating in her wedding dress as she paced around the house while they waited for William who was coming to marry her.

"Why are you so nervous? Are you worried that he's going to change his mind about marring you?"

The words might be teasing but Carla smiled and rubbed Violet's hand in an attempt to calm her down. Carla wore a light green off-the-shoulder dress with her haired pulled up for a simple but formal appearance.

"I'm not joking. Carla, what should I do? I'm going to die from the nerves!" Violet faux scowled at Carla's joke, the effect heightened by the V-neck wedding dress that made her look sexy and stunning.

Carla stepped in front of her and held both of her hand. Then she laughed, "How about this? I'll go and pour you a cup of alcohol. So, you could calm down a bit."

Violet thought about it and nodded, "Okay, let's give it a try! Every time I have a drink, I relax. Hurry up! Give me a shot!"

It was actually a joke but Violet took it seriously. So Carla had no choice but to find her a glass to drink.

Once she handed over the glass of alcohol to Violet, Carla suddenly remembered something and stopped her before she could drink it. "Violet, you can't drink that! Did you forget that you're pregnant now?"

The reason that Violet was in a rush to get married was for the baby, because her belly will be too big in a few months. And yet they both forgot about it.

While they stared dumbly at each other, the thunder of cannon-fire came from downstairs. William had arrived!

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