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   Chapter 667 Nicholas' Situation

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It was already late evening when Carla and Sally left Violet's house after staying there the whole day.

"Good evening, Mrs. Carla! I'm here to pick you up."

Rainer stepped closer to them and gestured to the car he brought.

"Where's Terence? Is he done with work?" Carla asked as she buckled Sally into her baby seat.

Rainer sighed before softly replying, "Mrs. Carla, Mr. Terence went to the hospital this afternoon. Mr. Nicholas was... not in a good condition."

The news stunned Carla because she just visited Nicholas before she went to visit Andrea. Just a couple of days ago, he looked haggard but otherwise okay. Carla couldn't believe that he was now in critical condition.

"Rainer, let's go to the hospital."

The doctor had estimated that Nicholas had roughly about five years to live despite the heart surgery he got four years ago.

While his heart had gotten better fine, the fact that Nicholas was old made him more susceptible to other sickness.

Rainer quickly drove them to the hospital.

Edmund and Terence were already there, entertaining Nicholas in the ward when they arrived. Even if Nicholas went through more treatments, there was no use of making him better. The doctor could only keep Nicholas alive in bed.

As much as they would like to try, Nicholas would not get better. And any more attempts would only bring him more pain.

"Terence, let me talk to your father alone..."

Nicholas voice came out raspy when he spoke to Terence.

"Okay, Grandpa." Terence looked at him before he quietly walked out the room.

Outside the room, When they saw Terence outside, Carla walked to him with Sally in tow. "How is he? Is Grandpa okay?"

A gloomy expression appeared on his handsome face as he shook his head.

"The doctor said he might only have a month left."

That was heavy. Carla could only bite on her lower lip because she didn't know what to say.

"Daddy, is Great-grandpa sick?"

Sally couldn't help but ask when she saw the serious and sorrowful look on her parents.

Terence got down to her eye-level and stroked her soft cheek. "Sally, can you promise Daddy to visit Great-grandpa after school every day?"

They couldn't do anything else but to be with Nicholas since he couldn't leave his bed and didn't have much time left.

The only thing they could do was to stay with him for the remainder of his days.

"Okay! G


When they got into the restaurant, they discovered that Edmund called Kaylee over.

Kaylee picked up Sally from Edmund's arms and held her into the restaurant.

It was a silent dinner as the four of them seemed to be in deep sorrow, even the talkative Sally barely spoke.

"Hey, everyone! Stop being so negative about it. Everyone has to face the death sooner or later. I think we shouldn't be so depressed. Our sadness isn't going to change a single thing. Am I right, Carla?"

Since Kaylee couldn't deal with the heavy brooding silence any longer, she spoke to Carla who sat across her.

After taking a look at Edmund and Terence, Carla nodded. "That's true. Grandpa's eighty now. I think we should accept it."

After she said that, Edmund raised his head and put down his chopsticks. "Kaylee, I'm planning to visit my old friend in A City. Would you mind coming with me?"

Kaylee smiled, "Okay, I was just thinking of taking a break. I just finished my work for this month so I wanted to give myself a break."

Edmund nodded slightly and turned to look at Terence. "Terence, it might take me a while before I come back. The company and your grandma are going to rely on you. Will you be okay?"

Terence simply replied, "Don't worry, Father." He didn't ask for the details of his trip.

"Great! Carla, there's not much for you to take care of in the An Manor and I'll leave everything to the housekeeper. If you're not busy, go there and check on it,"

Edmund gave his final reminders to Carla.

It was about time for Edmund to visit this old friend of his.

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