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   Chapter 666 Violet Was Going To Get Married!

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Terence placed his hands on her shoulders as they walked inside. The sour look was still present on his face as he continued to talk. "It's really not a big deal. Just stay away from her, okay?"

"But what happened? If you don't tell me about it, how am I supposed to know?"

Carla insisted as she sat on the bed, pulling the sheets up to wrap them around her.

She couldn't really think of anything that Lynn did that would make Terence hate her that much.

He snorted at the thought before gently stroking her cheek. "She... wanted to replace you. She claimed that you found her and begged her to surrogate a baby for you. She even said you were willing to share me with her. She even had the audacity to say that you told her that she was going to be the one to take care of me if anything were to happen to you."

Terence shook his head in disgust. He had forgotten all about that incident if it wasn't for Carla bringing it up again.

Back then, he had just lost Carla and felt like everything went dark. He cared for nothing anymore, and all he wanted was for it all to end. In those times, Lynn had visited him out of the blue.

She was Carla's cousin. That was why he had agreed to meet with her, in hopes that she would be able to know something about Carla, or she could at least inform him of what had happened.

He didn't realize that she came to offer herself to him.

At that moment, rage had overcome him. The moment he heard those words, he kicked her right out of the house almost immediately. He just couldn't bear the sight of her or to even hear her name in a conversation.

Carla froze, still trying to process what had happened and what Lynn had done. She never thought that Lynn would do such a thing.

"Lynn visited me back then. She was working at the hospital at the time, so when I went to see the doctor, we bumped into each other. She found out about my situation that way." She winced. "Then she asked me to meet up with her to offer herself as a surrogate. I only took it as a joke and never bothered talking to her about it ever again."

As Carla was explaining, she found it hard to believe that Lynn would actually dare fabricate and distort the words that were said between them.

No wonder Lynn couldn't even look at her.

"Let's change the topic, okay? People like her don't deserve our attention—all they do is ruin our good mood." Terence rubbed her shoulders soothingly.

"Hm... I know," Carla replied, leaning on his chest. Before they were about to doze off, her phone started to beep. She scrambled u

wedding game!"

Seeing the beautiful doll in a wedding dress, Sally immediately dropped what she was doing and took the doll from his hands. She nodded in agreement.

She touched the doll's white veil, fingers running down its smooth hair. Her eyes twinkled at the sight, turning it around to give them both, a better look of it.

"This bride is so pretty!"

The moment Sally smiled, Cody did too, admiring the way she looked. In his eyes, she was the prettiest and cutest girl in the whole wide world. He inched closer towards her, holding up a suited groom doll.

"Sally, will you be my bride in the future?"

Sally was too enamored by the dolls that she didn't bother to look at Cody. "No! I want Uncle Sean. I want to marry him. But I'll play the wedding game with you!"

Cody frowned, crossing his arms. "He can't marry you, Sally! He's your uncle, but I can!"

"Why can't he?" Sally raised her head stubbornly. She didn't understand why everyone was telling her the same thing, even Uncle Sean.

"Because he's your uncle!" Cody emphasized, not really knowing how to elaborate further.

Sally frowned, concentrating on her doll. "I don't understand. My groom has to be a really good man! He should be as good as my dad."

In her mind, Sally only ever admired two men in her life. One was her father, the other one was Uncle Sean. Her father already had her mother.

Any man had to be as good as them for her to like him!

Cody was stunned. Not really knowing how to respond to what she just said, he shrugged. "Okay!"

He couldn't help but admit the fact that Terence really was a good man, sometimes, he even thought he was better than his father. And that was saying something.

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