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   Chapter 665 Terence's Shameless Trick

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8482

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'Crap, crap, crap', her thoughts repeatedly uttered as she tried searching for her phone. The only light she had was the one on the back of her phone. When she dropped it, it was as if darkness had greeted her. The lights in the maze were just too dim for her to see anything.

Her hands shook, not really bothering to pick her phone up. All Carla wanted was to get out of this place. She turned around and tried to walk back to where she came from. However, no matter how much she walked around, she couldn't see the corridors. At one right turn, her head bumped onto the wall. She winced in pain.

"Why are you running?"

A dark shadow appeared behind her, grabbing her by the arm. Carla froze.

Then, a warm hand nudged her on the nose.

Recognizing the familiarity of his voice, Carla finally relaxed. She sighed in relief, hitting his shoulder.

"Terence, are you planning to scare me to death?"

Terence looked down at the woman in his arms and grinned. "Idiot," he said fondly, "Sean and Sally already left ten minutes ago and you're still lost."

Carla stuck her tongue out, looking around. The dark corridors looked the same to her. Everywhere she went, it felt like she was just walking around in circles. "I'm bad at directions," she said, "so I can't find a way out."

"That's why you're an idiot. The maze isn't as hard as you think. I mean, look at the paintings! They're all different. You could use them to find where you need to go."

Terence shook his head as he motioned to their surroundings. He walked a few steps behind her before picking up the phone. The screen was broken as it flickered back to life. He winced. Maybe he should get her a new one tomorrow.

Carla slowly peeked at the paintings before returning her gaze back to the ground. It was impossible for her to observe them all. Since she couldn't last long before she'd be creeped out by them.

At first, she wasn't scared of them. However, after spending probably an hour with these paintings staring back at her, she couldn't help but feel a shiver down her spine whenever she was alone with them.

Carla backed up, seeking warmth in Terence's arms as it blocked her from the pictures.

Given their familiarity with each other, Terence could sense Carla's presence with the scent of her perfume. He glanced down, securely holding her by the waist. "Afraid?"

She hesitated before nodding her head. It wasn't like she could move anymore.

"If you give me a kiss, I'll get you out of here. Is that a deal?"

Terence smirked.

g time ago. However, knowing her situation, he decided to drop the idea. Besides, Sally really was enough for him.

He didn't really care for gender.

As long as Carla was with him, his life was complete.

Carla bit her lower lips, taking a look at him. After thinking of Edmund, she turned her body around silently and called Sophie. "Hello, yes, Sophie, please prepare the medicine for me tomorrow morning."

"I really am in no rush, Carla." Terence frowned, a hand brushing her hair. "You don't have to push yourself too hard.

Plus, Sally is only four years old. We still have plenty of time.

Promise me to not pressure yourself okay? We already have Sally, don't we?"

Terence said, concerned. He didn't want her to push herself more than she could handle.

Carla nodded. Since they were talking about the Chinese medicine, Carla suddenly thought of Lynn. "Terence, do you remember my uncle's daughter, Lynn? Did you introduce her current husband to her?"

Carla remembered that her aunt had asked her to find a good man for Lynn.

However, the mention of Lynn's name only made Terence reel back in disgust. His disdain towards her was just too obvious. "No, I didn't. Is she asking me for help? Really?"

She furrowed her eyebrows at the sudden hatred.

"Why do you say that? What happened?"

Terence sneered, "Three months after your disappearance, she came to see me."

"For what?"

Carla asked.

She thought of Lynn's dodgy eyes, how she always seemed to avoid her whenever she went over. She had always seemed to be the person who always looked as if she had done something wrong. At the thought, Carla wondered what had happened after her accident.

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