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   Chapter 664 You Are So Amazing, Mom! (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5596

Updated: 2019-12-25 23:05

While this happened, Carla had just come out of the restaurant with Sally and Sean.

"You're so amazing Mom! You're my hero!"

Sally said, blinking her adorably bright eyes while looking at Carla with admiration.

'That aunt was such a bad woman. She just grabbed Mom's clothes and scolded her right away? I didn't think that Mom would fight back in such a cool way. She's so amazing!' Sally thought.

"Sally, I covered your eyes at that time, didn't I? How did you know what happened?" Sean thought it would be harmful for Sally's psychological health to see Carla argue with another woman. So he covered Sally's eyes. But she still managed to know what happened?

Sally pouted her lips at him and said, "Sean, I'm not stupid. Even if I couldn't see it, I could still hear what they were saying!"

Sean paused for a while upon hearing this. 'That's true... Why did I forget to cover her ears too?' He regretfully thought.

"Rainer, do you know when Terence will come?"

Carla checked the time and found that it was already a bit late. So she asked Rainer if he knew when Terence would be coming.

"Mrs. Carla, Mr. Terence is already on his way,"

Rainer replied decisively. He had just called Nathan a few moments ago and asked about Terence's situation.

"Ghost Maze? That one should be interesting! Carla! Let's go inside and have a look."

Sean had seen a huge sign in front of him with two words attached to it. "Ghost Maze!" he quickly exclaimed in excitement.

Carla took Sally's hands and asked her with a smile and a teasing voice, "That's a really good idea. But I don't know if Sally would dare to go in?"

"Of course I would go in! It's j

s, but this time, no one replied. It was dead silent within the maze. The atmosphere showed around this time began to scare Carla.

She looked around the walls of the maze and found that it was painted with all kinds of bloody ghost patterns. Upon seeing this, she couldn't help but shrink her shoulders with fear. She held her cellphone tightly with her hands and hurried to find the exit.

'They should be waiting for me at the exit right now, ' Carla thought.

She repeatedly thought about this in order to curb her fear, and so, she braced herself once more to continue to look for the exit.

However, after a short while, she found out that it became more difficult for her to find the exit. This made her anxious. After about ten minutes of walking around, her frustration had finally beaten her fear. Alas, she gave up and was about to call Rainer to come and help her.

Carla heard a noise and looked up. She saw a black shadow coming over really quickly to her all of a sudden.

"Who's there?" Carla screamed in terror. Her trembling hand loosened its grip and her cellphone fell to the ground.

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