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   Chapter 663 You Are So Amazing, Mom! (Part One)

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Carla would've never expected that she would be scolded when she was invited for this meal. She couldn't even figure out why this stranger did what she did.

Carla had always been reluctant to be wronged by someone. It was also completely unnecessary for her to receive the blame the woman was spouting when she did nothing wrong.

She immediately got up after brushing the woman's hand away and headed for Sean and Sally's table which was next to theirs.

"Mrs. Carla! Please hold on for a while!"

Steven got up from the table he was sitting at in a hurry and stopped her. He then turned to Grace and said in an obviously angry tone, "Grace, can you stop making a fuss now? Mrs. Carla is my guest that I personally invited. If you dare irritate her again then don't blame me for being rude to you!"

"Mrs. Carla? You're already married?"

Grace looked at Carla disdainfully and asked, "It's so shameless of you to seduce Steven especially since you're already married. What the hell is your purpose on earth anyways? Is it just to have romantic relationships with men younger than..."

A fierce and crisp slap hit Grace in the face just before she finished saying her words.

She was beyond shocked as she turned to look at Steven only to find that he had just raised his hands and it was not him that dared to slap her in the face.

So who on earth slapped her?

Grace was greatly shocked at the suddenness of the slap that she just stood there silently. It took her several seconds to reorganize her thoughts and realize that it was Carla who had slapped her in the face.

"How dare you? How dare you hit me?"

"Don't you think you deserve it? You're too inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Since your parents didn't teach you how to

hink we shouldn't get too close?"

"I don't want to consider what happened too much, Steven. I know your father has become the new mayor, but so what? The things that are happening between our families have nothing to do with us. Don't you think so?" She replied earnestly.

This was what she truly thought. Grace didn't think that the affairs between the elders within the family should affect their relationship.

Her uncle used to be the mayor of JA City, but not long ago, Steven's father had managed to win the election and became the current mayor.

Before this happened, Steven's and Grace's families were close friends within the political circle. But ever since the election, the two families slowly lost connection with each other and had become indifferent.

"Grace. Stop being so naive. What's happened has happened. We can't just ignore what occurred in the past. Don't come near me again. It's better if we don't meet again."

With those words, Steven took his little nephew's hand and headed out of the restaurant without looking back.

Grace was left in the restaurant, dumbstruck at his words. She just stood there silently, not moving an inch.

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