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   Chapter 662 Who Are You

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Carla had no idea who Steven really was.

Meanwhile, Sally rushed over to Carla in a clearly joyous hop with a Peppa Pig toy in her arms. "Mommy! Look at my Peppa Pig! Isn't she pretty?"

Carla got down and looked at her before pinching her little cheeks. "She's pretty, but... she's still a pig. No matter how pretty she is, she's never going to be as pretty as my daughter."

"Although she's a piggy, she's the prettiest piggy in the world!"

Sally exclaimed in response. After looking around, she suddenly screamed in surprise all of a sudden, "Mommy! Look! That piggy is prettier than mine!"

Carla looked around and noticed that Steven had magically procured a Peppa Pig balloon in his hands. He walked over to Sally.

"Little girl, if you call my name sweetly, I'll give this to you. How does that sound?"

Sally was about to take the balloon. However, upon hearing what Steven had told her, she retracted her hand. "My teacher said if a stranger approaches and offers a toy to little children like me, I should step away. He is not a good person!"

Carla couldn't help but laugh out loud when she heard what Sally said. She ruffled Sally's head before saying, "Your teacher's right! You shouldn't take a gift from a stranger!"

Steven coughed, "Hey! You're teaching her the wrong thing. Do I really look like a bad person?"

Steven looked at himself at a nearby glass window, clearly doubting what Carla had said.

Carla stopped laughing before she stood up and asked, "Mr. Steven, may I ask how old you are?"

"Twenty two. Why? What's wrong?"

Steven didn't know why she asked him his age, but he still replied honestly.

Carla nodded her head as she confirmed her suspicions. Steven was young. She glanced at Sean, who was playing a shooting game nearby. "You're only about seven years older than my little brother. At the very least, you should address me as Mrs. Carla. I'm so much older than you."

Steven still gave the balloon to Sally while his handsome face blushed upon hearing what Carla had said.

"I'm sorry, my bad. Mrs. Carla."

Carla nodded, she was okay with this title. Suddenly, she looked at him in surprise, "You know who I am, don't you?"

"Of course I do. You're Mr. Terence's long-lost wife. Everyone, who pays attention to the news, should have heard about you."

Steven had seen her pictures from magazines. He had also seen her photos and read her interviews. She looked really pretty in the pictures. Although she w


"Is Steven here? Why didn't you tell me?"

The atmosphere around the restaurant was not that great, but it wasn't bad either. However, a woman's voice had interrupted their meal. The noise of her stiletto heels could be heard clacking on the floor as she was getting closer to them.

"Steven, you're really here!"

"Grace, why are you here?"

Steven frowned as he looked at the woman who came near him. However, she seemed not to notice his discomfort. She ran over to him and put her arms around his neck. "Steven, I'm here to enjoy the park. Just as I came to this place to eat lunch, I heard you were here too."

"Who is she?"

Grace had already forgotten about Carla. They had met two months ago. But currently, the only thing Grace knew was that there was a woman who was having lunch together with Steven. She immediately gave Carla a dirty look.

"She's a friend. Grace, why are you..."

"A friend? When did you make this 'friend'? I don't know anything about her. Steven, is she troubling you again?"

She cut off his words and didn't even wait for Steven to explain. She abruptly grabbed Carla by her collar. "I knew these whores wouldn't just leave you alone. They keep trying to throw themselves at you. All right then, tell me who you are!

When did you meet Steven? Tell me!"

Carla had been enjoying her food, but this crazy woman ruined her appetite. She put down her chopsticks with a loud thump, clearly showing her current mood. She brushed Grace's hand aside and told Steven, "Mr. Steven, it seems that our meal is over. Thank you for the lunch."

After saying this, Carla stood up and got ready to leave.

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