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   Chapter 661 Who Is He

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Meanwhile, Terence let out a breath of relief when he was sure that Carla was okay. Mr. Chang was lucky that he didn't touch Carla. Otherwise, Terence was going to make him regret it for the rest of his life.

After leaving the hotel, Carla had already planned to go back to the Seaview Villa.

"Carla, why are you in such a hurry to go back home? It'll still be a while before I go back to work. Can't you spend a little more time with me?"

Terence complained with a frown on his face. Evidently, he didn't want Carla to leave yet.

"I'm sorry, but I have already promised Sean and Sally to take them out today. You don't need to worry about me! I'll see you later!"

Carla explained as she waved her hands at him to signal him to do whatever he needed to do now.

"What about me?"

Terence asked in a clearly bitter voice.

"You? Hahaha... You need to go back to work and make more money. You need it to support our entire family, silly!" Carla playfully said with a big smile before entering the car.

Just as she entered the car, Terence hopped inside from the other door. "Hey! I think I need to get changed at home! Let's go home together!"

"Don't you usually keep spare clothes in your office?" Carla recalled that he had a lot of clothes packed in his office just in case.

"Well, I want to change to the ones I have at home!" He calmly responded with a smirk on his face.

Carla silently looked away in response to the childishness he was showing right now. The car was now heading home.

Before they arrived, Sally had already put on a beautiful dress. She had parted her hair and tied it up into a twin tail hairstyle. After she finished, she went outside the house in anticipation of Carla's arrival. Clearly growing bored from waiting, she rested her head on her hands with a pouting face.

When she saw the car drive in, she immediately jumped up.

She shouted in excitement, "Mommy! Mommy!"

When she saw Carla get out of the car, she ran over towards her with her arms open. "Mommy! I thought you left me again!"

"Daddy's here too!. Mommy, is Daddy going to the amusement park with us?"

After noticing Terence, she ran over to him with greater excitement.

Terence picked her up and held her in his arms. He kissed her cute little face. "Sally, do you want Daddy to go to the park with you today?"

"Of course! Last time when I went to see the pretty flowers, only Mommy and Uncle Sean were with me. I really want to play with Daddy too!"

Sally evidently still remembered that her father didn't go to the flower show with her.

After she mentioned the flower show, Terence's heart panged with guilt as he frowned. But before he could reply, Carla had already taken Sally away from his

? Why go through all this trouble?" a voice sounded out behind her.

Carla turned around.

She saw a young and handsome man staring at her with a big smile.

Carla wanted to say hi to him, however, she just couldn't remember his name. She knew the man, but she couldn't remember his name immediately. His name was just at the tip of her tongue.

"It's Steven."

This was already the third time for Steven to tell her his name. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "Is my name really that hard to remember? A lot of people would remember it in an instant. Why is it so hard for you? It seems like it's impossible for you to remember my name."

"Mr. Steven, why are you here?"

Carla thought that it was more appropriate for her to call him in a formal manner.

Steven frowned upon hearing that. "That sounds weird. Can't you just call me by my name? Steven sounds a lot better. Steve is okay too in case you forget my name again."

Speaking up to here, he pointed at a little boy who was playing a game nearby. "I'm here with my nephew. It was just a coincidence that I saw you here. I figured I'd say hi."

Carla looked at the boy he pointed at. He was a little older than Sally. But what made him different was that there were bodyguards near him.

"Who are you? I remembered that you were chased by killers the last time I met you. This time, you have bodyguards with you,"

Carla curiously asked.

Not many people in JA City walked around with bodyguards. Terence was one of those people. Even if he just went to work. Nathan or Rainer would always be around.

Some famous stars or super rich people might have guards with them. Besides them, maybe some powerful politicians would have guards.

Carla was really curious what kind of person he was that made him put bodyguards around his nephew.

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