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   Chapter 660 How Dare You Own My Woman! (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5810

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"I'm fine. But someone's not." Carla replied as she pointed at Mr. Chang who painfully had his hand over his stomach as he lay on the floor.

Clearly, Carla was the one who brought him pain.

It was good thing that Mr. Nicholas used to hire a coach to teach Carla some self-defense skills. Although she had not practiced for a very long time, her skills came in handy as she was successful in defending herself against the demonic maniac that Mr. Chang was.

There was even a time when she was good enough to fight with Terence. Therefore, it was just a piece of cake for her when she took down the bastard who tried to abuse her.

Terence then entered the room and saw Mr. Chang curled up on the floor, too weak to move. Carla had kicked him so hard that there was even a visible footprint marked on his crotch.

"Mr. Terence, that bitch hit me. Please do something! Don't let her get away with this..." Mr. Chang uttered weakly to Terence. At the same time, he struggled to raise himself up as he saw Terence coming in.

His face was all twisted, which was an obvious sign of the terrible and excruciating pain he was in.

However, as he asked for help, he received another hard kick.

"How fucking dare you molest her!" Terence roared with rage as he gave Mr. Chang another hard kick on the face.

Being hurt by the impact of the kick, Mr. Chang then flew through the air and collapsed again.

Anyone who would know that someone was being harassed would of course do something. Especially when the person being harassed was someone you know, or worse, your wife. He would do anything, even punch the jerk to death just so that he could get what he deserved.

"Terence, honey. I think that's enough. I already taught hi

the world to know about what you've done. I think the your remaining brain cells would know what to do next.

You should feel lucky that all you had to experience was the termination of contract. It was actually very lenient of Mr. Terence to do so. Just for warning, do not let this happen again!"

Nathan left after he finished his task.

Mr. Chang whose body was fully wrapped in bandage lay on the bed, letting all of Nathan's words sink in.

He was still shocked by the fact that the pretty masseuse was actually Mr. Terence's wife.

How was that even possible! He wanted to molest and abuse her, and he ended up getting nothing. Instead, he was even forced to take all the responsibility for all the wounds he had gotten on his body. This, however, was how karma worked on him for he got what he truly deserved.

Wanting to discuss the matter with somebody, he then had second thoughts because he realized that it would only be a waste of time.

He was in deep regret for being so stupid. How could he not see that they were a couple?

If it were that simple, then he would not have lost all the business deals he had with Mr. Terence.

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