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   Chapter 659 How Dare You Own My Woman! (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5797

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"Miss Carla, I heard you are a good masseuse. I kind of feel sore now from the accidental stiff neck that I got this morning. I was wondering if you could give me a quick massage."

The man thought that since she was Mr. Terence's personal masseuse, then she might be really good in doing it.

Carla, surprised with the stranger's request, turned around to see who it was. She saw a strange man standing behind her. His voice seemed a little familiar. She thought for a while as she tried to remember where she had met the man.

Examining the man, she then remembered who he was—one of Terence's clients.

"Sorry, I have to go home now," Carla responded as she took his hand off her arm.

She then hurriedly fixed her coat and walked towards the elevator.

But Mr. Chang, not taking no for an answer, put his hand on her again, "Wait a minute. You just got off work and there must be nothing for you to be in such a hurry about. It won't hurt for you to stay and give me a relaxing massage."

The previous night, Mr. Chang saw her massaging Terence and thought that she must be a good masseuse who offered extra special service. And since she was already off work, he hoped that she could do the same thing to him.

"Mr. Chang, what do you think you are doing? I said, no. Stay away from me!"

Carla replied, fuming with anger and impatience from the man's insistence.

"Well, is that so? Who do you think you are? That's your job. Just do it! Oh, I see, so is this about the money? Just tell me how much it would cost and I'll pay!" Uttering such disrespectful and nasty words, he tried to reach for her face. But Carla was so disgusted with him and moved away to avoid his inappropriate touch.

Mr. Chang then glar

d, Terence came out of the elevator.

He passed by the room that Carla and Mr. Chang were in, and stepping into his own room.


Carla?" he called her name, but to no avail.

Suddenly, there was a big racket of a noise that came from the next room, which sounded like something had crashed.

However, when he listened carefully at the sounds that he heard, he could vaguely recognize Carla's voice.

He then realized that something bad must be happening to her.

Acting immediately, Terence walked out the room and stopped at Mr. Chang's door.

However, just right before he kicked the door open, the door opened itself.

To his surprise, Carla appeared right before him. He found her bending over to straighten her wrinkled coat. When she was done with her coat, she looked up and saw Terence holding one of his legs up high, giving her the impression that he wanted to kick the door open.

"Carla, are you okay?"

After a short pause, Terence put his leg down and asked urgently. Then he walked closer, checking every bit of her if she was okay. Finding that her clothes were neat as usual, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

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