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   Chapter 658 I Will Always Be Your Terence

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9021

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Mr. Chang's eyes lit up, since all the pretty girls were lined up in front of them. He compared the girl he was embracing in his arms to the girls in front of him before pushing her away.

"This one's pretty! Look at her body... Mr. Li, is it alright if we pick two?"

Mr. Li coughed a little upon hearing this. He pinched Mr. Chang's arm before replying, "Mr. Chang, they're here for Mr. Terence to choose from. You already have one, don't you? In addition, do you think you can handle two girls for one night?"

At this moment, Terence stood up with a faint smile on his face. "You can do as you like, I'm not a fan of these kinds of things. I've already set up an appointment with the masseuse upstairs. I'll see you two later!"

He silenced his ringing phone before he casually walked out in a dignified manner.

Seeing this, Mr. Chang and Mr. Li exchanged gazes which seemed like they understood what Terence meant.

No wonder Terence didn't seem like he was into any of the girls here. They had already assumed in their heads that he had special needs only the masseuse could satisfy.

They guessed that the masseuse had to be a really gorgeous young lady.

Meanwhile, the "masseuse" had already arrived at the top floor. She was staying in the room where Terence had booked for himself.

"Nathan, where's Terence? He asked me to be here to see him. Where is he?" Carla looked around the suite and couldn't find Terence anywhere.

So she opened the door and stuck her head out to ask Nathan.

"Mrs. Carla, please be patient. Mr. Terence should be here in a few minutes,"

He replied calmly. He had already tried calling Terence, but he didn't pick up. Nathan had already figured that he was already on his way up.

As Nathan expected, five minutes later he saw him walking down the hall.

Terence greeted Nathan before entering the suite. Carla looked up upon hearing the door open and saw Terence walk in. When he saw her, his dark bright eyes widened in glee.

"Please wait just a little longer. I need to shower first!"

he said in a hurried voice. Terence didn't rush to hug her. He was afraid his smoke and alcohol filled scent would upset her. He had a lot of it stuck on him due to his business during the day. And so, he took his jacket off and walked straight into the bathroom.

Carla saw how impatient he was tonight. She already knew why he was doing this. As his lover, she knew very well that he didn't want to make her upset with the unpleasant scent stuck on him.

Shortly after, Terence walked out with a towel wrapped around his toned waist, smelling extremely fragrant after his shower.


Carla had just called out his name. Be

p cheeks when she neared him and gave her a wry smile.

"Honey, they're my clients. I need to try my best to be sociable with them. But always remember, I will always be your Terence. They don't want to be faithful to their wives, but I do. Isn't that enough?"

Terence couldn't impose his own values upon other people. Despite setting a high standard for himself, he chose to stay true to it.

Terence mumbled before he tried to kiss her again, but she ducked.

She pointed her finger at the bed. "Let's go over there. Isn't it more comfy?"

Terence laughed in a deep voice at her antics, he picked her up and carried her onward to the bed.

After he placed her on the bed, he went to the door and double checked it in case anyone came in and interrupted their special time again.

Finally, he returned to the bed with his beloved honey waiting for him.

Tonight, she pleased him so much that he couldn't have enough of her.


The next morning, the sun wasn't shining as much as it should around that time.

When Carla woke up, she still felt half-asleep. She pulled the curtain open and looked outside. No wonder she still felt so sleepy, it was cloudy outside, the best weather to huddle up in the blankets and just sleep.

She turned around and noticed that Terence wasn't on the bed. It seemed that he had already left.

She was amazed at how energetic he was after a night of 'working' and just getting a little sleep.

Her stomach grumbled, which signaled her hunger. She rubbed her empty belly and went to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed. She was getting ready to find a restaurant to eat breakfast at.

After leaving the room, she stretched her body.

She was just about to step into the street before someone interrupted her by pulling her arm.

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