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   Chapter 657 Terence's Order

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9707

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Meanwhile, time flew very quickly as two days had already passed.

Andrea had missed Carla so much that she wanted to spend more time with her and keep her longer, but Carla had already promised her husband that she would be back Friday.

And the fun for Andrea was over since today marked Friday on the calendar.

But before she left, Andrea had prepared a lot of things for her. Some of which were desserts that she could eat as a snack so that she would not get hungry along the way, together with a few of the newest custom dresses.

"Hey, Mother, don't be sad. I promise to visit you more often! Plus, I'll bring Sally with me when I come over next time. I'm sure you'll love her!"

Carla gave her a big and warm hug to comfort her. Although Andrea wasn't able to utter a single word, her actions were clear that she was going to miss her so much.

"Hey, I am okay. I am not sad. After all, I have Julie and Rock at home with me!" Andrea gave her a pat on the shoulder and then continued, "Remember to take your medicine on time. I will always call and remind you!"

"Yes, yes, Mother. I got it! I will!"

Very apprehensive to take the awful-tasting Chinese medicine, Carla just gave her a wry smile. Just thinking of the medicine sent shivers down her spine as she found it really bitter. But to her dismay, the doctor had given her over twenty days' worth of prescription, giving her no choice but to take them.

Meanwhile, the sun shone brightly as another day passed. Early that the morning, Terence had asked Rainer to pick her up.

After having lunch, Carla and Rainer were on the road as they headed home.

It was already late afternoon when they arrived safely back at JA City.

After being caught in tight traffic during the rush hour, it was already dark when they finally reached the Seaview Villa.

Both Sean and Sally stayed up as they were both so eager to welcome her back. After all, they didn't have any school the next day since it would be Saturday.

"You're so bad, Mommy! You didn't even let me see Grandma Andrea!"

Sally complained, pouting while she hugged Carla.

"Oh, that's because it was on weekdays and you had to go to school! Remember that you're a big girl now and big girls attend the first day of school. Don't you think so?" Carla said as she stroked Sally's little face. It had only been a week that she had not seen Sally, and she seemed to have already grown taller.

"Well, I don't care! You must to take me with you the next time you visit!" replied Sally shamelessly as she wrapped her arms around Carla with both arms.

"Okay, your wish is my command. I'll visit her again when you get your break. Then, we'll pay her a visit and stay with your grandma for a longer while." Carla gave her a smile as she put her forehead against Sally's.

While she spoke to her, she glanced at Sean who was reading a book and asked, "So, Sean,

have a high standard! Back in my hometown, pretty girls crawled all over the place. However, it seems that they couldn't even earn a glance from you."

"Of course, Mr. Terence is living in this extravagant city. He might already have a lot of those types of pretty girls. Unlike us! We barely see girls like that!"

A man in his forties sat next to Terence on the other side. He laughed as he held a woman tightly in his arms.

"Mr. Chang, Mr. Li, I have arranged two suites for you upstairs. You can have all the fun you want in there,"

said Terence as he remained elegantly in his seat. Even with the alcohol and the lusty environment, it seemed that he was still well poised as a gentleman. And that environment had no effect on him whatsoever.

"Ha-ha! That's very thoughtful of you, Mr. Terence. You actually didn't have to. But you know, we barely come here. Why don't you stay overnight and have some fun with us? Come on, just pick one! Let's go upstairs!"

Mr. Chang stood up and held a woman by her waist. "Sweetie, you're the lucky girl I'm going to take for the night!"

"That's right, Mr. Terence. You should come and join us! Don't make us feel bad about it! It's normal for a man to have a woman outside the family every once a while to ease the loneliness."

Mr. Li stood up at the same time and shouted to the manager of the club.

"Manager! Bring the most beautiful and sexy girls over. Mr. Terence here is going to take his pick for the night! I doubt that this big of a club doesn't have anyone worthy of Mr. Terence's glance! Bring out the girls!"

Terence frowned as he listened to the drunken mumblings of his client and sat on the couch. Then he took a look at his watch.

A few moments later, several girls, wearing the highest of heels, walked the floor like a catwalk. They all stood in front of the three men with their most daring poses that could make or break their night with them.

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