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   Chapter 656 The Chinese Doctor

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Carla had been thinking about it for a really long time.

However, because of her father's illness and eventual death that had kept her busy. She had never really had the chance to ask Andrea what really happened.

She really wanted to know how she had gone missing.

The Hua family was wealthy. Her parents only had a few children. There was no possible way for them to sell her to human traffickers. All she wanted to know was how it happened.

Upon hearing what Carla had asked, Andrea's body shivered. After a moment of silence, Andrea's grave voice echoed throughout the room, "Callie, it's a long story... There are too many things associated with it, and I don't know how to tell you about it now. I don't even know where or how to start."

"Please let me think about it first. When I sort out everything, I'll tell you, okay?"

Carla nodded her head after listening to her mother's voice. "Okay... Don't worry about it, Mother. I'll wait until you're ready to talk about it."

As she heard the confirmation from her mother, she felt relieved. She felt sleepy after the conversation, so she yawned and closed her heavy eyelids.

The events had happened twenty years ago. It was indeed hard to recall the entire story.

Carla's light breathing could be heard as she drifted into slumber. However, what Carla didn't know was that Andrea couldn't fall asleep because of her. Andrea stared at her for a long time, it seemed as if she was reliving a deep memory. It was a sleepless night for her.

Five days had passed. During this time, Carla had been shopping and enjoying her time with Andrea.

Two days before she had to go back home, Andrea dragged her to see the Chinese doctor who had prepared the necessary medication for her.

"Mother, can we not go to see him? I really don't want to drink his medicine..."

On their way there, Carla wore a long face. Her body shivered in resistance as she thought about the bitter taste she was going to endure.

"No, we have to visit him. It might be thanks to his medicine that you had Sally. Although his medicine works slowly, it will definitely help you!"

Andrea slowly patted the back of her hand and continued, "Callie, do you remember that the doctor said you couldn't have a child? And yet, you had Sally in less than a year."

"Nothing is set in stone, let the Chinese doctor take a look. You might have the chance to try again. It doesn't hurt to visit, right?"

"Even though you have a child now, wouldn't it be better to have another one to keep her company? As long as you do this, I won't worry about it anymore! I promise!"

Carla sighed upon hearing Andrea's insistence on this matter

with a gentle smile. She had seen them sitting down on two broken bricks, so she had asked the driver to bring more chairs.

The four of them sat down. Lynn had been sitting next to Fannie, and yet, she still avoided any possible eye contact with Carla. She barely even said a word or two to her.

Carla chatted with Fannie. Throughout the conversation, she found out that Lynn was married and that during the last three years, she had two daughters. In order to have a son, her mother brought her here to seek consultation with the doctor.

It sounded that Lynn had married into a wealthy family, and that Lynn's parents had her do it. If her husband was not wealthy, then Carla figured that Lynn's parents wouldn't have let her marry.

Fannie had been trying to find out how wealthy Andrea was.

However, Andrea didn't tell her much about herself. She had already dealt with many kinds of people in her lifetime. It was easy for her to handle people like Fannie.

Soon, Carla's turn came, so they excused themselves before walking inside the room together.

The Chinese doctor was already in his seventies. He had a sharp look in contrast to his bright eyes. The doctor asked Carla about her body. He also took her pulse. After doing so, he started to prescribe medicine for her.

They bid goodbye to Lynn and Fannie after they walked out of the room. They then continued walking out and leave.

Carla got into the car with a puzzled face.

In the past, she remembered that she had a very close relationship with Lynn. Although they had some arguments here and there which caused Lynn to say some harsh words to her, Carla didn't take it to heart.

It felt weird that Lynn had been trying to avoid her today while finally seeing each other after four long years.

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