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   Chapter 655 Amazing Julie

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"Hello? Are you there?"

Coming from the other end of the line, Terence spoke in his typical voice.

"Yes, I'm here. Rainer just left. Didn't he tell you?" Carla said as she gave Rock, being carried by Andrea, a wink. She then stood up afterwards.

"Well, yes, he did. But I still want to hear from you though,"

Terence said, sounding a bit lonely as he knew that he would spend the entire week without his wife by his side.

"I can hear your sadness up to here, you know. Come on. You still have Sally at home with you. It's your chance to bond with her. If you don't take that chance now, she might like me more in the future. And you're going to regret it if that happens."

Carla could clearly tell he already missed her from the way he spoke. With a smile on her face, she remembered something. Ever since he recovered his memories, she had lost pretty much all of her personal space.

And now, she finally was able to have some sweet time for herself.

"Okay, then. I'll try to finish my work sooner so I can be with my daughter. I am glad you didn't take Sally with you. If you did, I would probably be a very lonely man for the entire week,"

Terence said as he laughed at himself. His assistant asked him to end his call immediately so that he could return to his meeting. Giving the assistant a look, he then continued, "Hey, honey, I need to go back to work. I will talk to you later."

"Okay, talk to you later, then,"

said Carla as she ended the call and went straight to Andrea.

Meanwhile, like clockwork, Noah had just come back home that night.

"Oh, Noah, you're back!" Still wearing her apron, Julie went out of the kitchen to take Noah's jacket off.

"So... Where's Rock?"

Noah asked gently as he looked at his wife with an inquiring look on his face.

"He is probably with Carla and Mother upstairs in the living room. Go ahead and say hi to them!" Julie answered as she hung up his jacket.

Upon hearing that, Noah walked towards the stairs and went up to the living room.

But even before he got to them, he had already heard his son's giggles bursting everywhere. And when he looked over at what was happening, he found that Carla was making silly faces at Rock to make him laugh.

Having Sally in her life, she knew very well how to entertain and make a child laugh.

"Hey, Noah, you're home!" Andrea was smiling while she looked at Carla make weird faces. And when she suddenly looked up, Noah was already walking towards them.

Carla stopped what she was doing upon hearing Andrea's greeting. She then turned around, looked at Noah and greeted him, "Hello, Noah."

Noah was stunned at how beautiful Carla looked that night. Narrowed in happiness, her bright eyes were almost shut as she smiled from ear to ear. Carla even looked like a typical happy princess straight from the fairy tales.

Noah then figured out that Terence must have been treating her pretty well. Looking at her once more, he noticed that Carla's glow was the smile of a well-loved woman.

"Hi, Carla. I haven't see you for a while. Look at who seemed to put on some weight!" Noah commented with a smile as he w

ed to have the caring wife he had.

Julie blushed as he complimented her and said, "I am flattered. It's my pleasure to marry you."

Complimenting each other, Carla shrugged her shoulders and exchanged looks with Andrea. "Mother, did you notice that they love each other more and more every day?"

"I know! I am very happy to have such a thoughtful and appreciative son and daughter-in-law! But, what I am glad about the most is to have you..."

Andrea said as her narrowed happy eyes moved away from the two lovebirds and landed on Carla.

That day, what mattered the most was that Callie came back to her safely.

She thought of Callie as the continuation of her life. If Callie was happy about her life, then Andrea could never ask for anything more.

Putting down her chopsticks, Carla hugged Andrea and said, "Mother, I won't make you worry anymore in the future, okay? Don't worry!"

"Okay, I believe you..." Andrea gave her a pat on the back as tears filled her eyes. "Alright, enough of this and let's enjoy our dinner. Julie had worked hard, preparing for it. Don't let them go to waste."

After dinner, Carla didn't go back to sleep in her room. Instead, she went to Andrea's room and slept beside her.

"Mother, I have this question that I have been dying to ask you. I don't know if you want to answer me though."

The lights had been turned off and darkness encapsulated the room, which was only illuminated by the moonlight that poured in through the windows.

Carla and Andrea lay on the bed, but none of them could fall asleep.

This question had been on her mind for a long time and she had been holding it from the bottom of her heart. She wasn't able to ask the question since she could not find the right words to ask Andrea.

"Silly girl, I am your mother. You can ask me anything," Andrea laughed as she took a look at Carla who leaned her head on her shoulder.

"Okay, I'll ask you right now..." Carla bit her lower lip as she gathered the courage to ask her the question.

"Mother, how did I get lost? Was I really kidnapped by human traffickers?"

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