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   Chapter 654 Gentle and Virtuous

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"Mom, there are some gifts that Terence asked me to give to you. He's too busy with work to come with me and visit you, so he thought that this was the least he could do.

Carla glanced at Rainer and a number of servants who had been carrying the gifts into the Hua family's house.

"I appreciate the gesture, but next time, you need not bother with such things. We've got everything we need at home." Andrea shook her head with these words while giving a warm smile.

She peeked at the gift that Terence had given her. He was indeed thoughtful.

When the family had dinner some time ago, Tristan had mentioned that his brother-in-law had specifically asked him if there was anything they needed at home or anything he could buy for Andrea.

Tristan had just told him that she wasn't sleeping well.

Therefore, upon hearing this, Terence had someone make a special pillow out of precious Chinese medicine for her. The medicine of course would help aid her sleep better. If she used this pillow for a while then it might be able to get rid of her insomnia.

It didn't matter how precious the gift was. The most important thing was the intention behind it.

Andrea was extremely pleased with Terence as her son-in-law, he did not only treat Carla well but also looked after her relatives.

"He just bought these things for his own self-assurance, he reprimanded himself for being too busy and couldn't spare any time to visit," Carla responded with a smile. Even she had to squeeze time within her schedule to come here. What about Terence who was the CEO of the AJ Group?

"Don't be, your brother is also tied up with all the work he has in the Hua Group. Not to mention Terence as the head of a top-notch company." Andrea then asked the servant to get some fruit and tea for snacks.

Andrea knew what it was like to operate a company. She used to run the Hua group with Allen, she knew well how much effort it took to be in charge of a company.

Carla took a seat beside Julie who was holding Rock in her arms on the sofa. "Hi Rock! Look! Auntie brought something for you too."

She took out a bracelet with a little golden bell from her handbag and held it in front of Rock. It would fit him when he grows older.

"Take this sister-in-law, please keep it for Rock when he grows up. It's my gift for him for our first meeting."

Carla then took out a red envelope from her handbag and shoved it into Julie's hand.

As Rock's aunt, this was the least she could do.

"Carla, you don't

really satisfied with Julie. "Of course, Noah married a great woman.

Julie's a filial daughter-in-law. Not only does she take good care of me, she's also considerate towards Noah.

I always told your brother that he's a blessed man and that he was quite lucky to marry such a gentle and virtuous woman like Julie."

Carla pouted her mouth when she heard what her mother had just said. "Mom, do you think I'm not gentle and virtuous enough then?"

Of course Carla had always thought of herself as a really good woman. But if you compared her with Julie, then there was quite a difference between them.

She hardly cooked any meals and wasn't gentle at most times. She would also quickly lose her temper and would occasionally vent her anger on Terence.

'Virtuous... I don't even know what it's like to be virtuous.' Carla thought to herself.

"Oh you silly girl, you already know I'm not talking about you. Everyone's different. If you were just like Julie, then maybe Terence wouldn't have even looked your way,"

Andrea said with a slight grin. A woman like Sally would only be suitable with a man that had Noah's temperaments. As for Terence, being gentle and virtuous wouldn't even enter his eyes at all.

"Wouldn't have looked my way? Wouldn't that be great? Perhaps I would have lived a better life than now..." At the very least, her life would be so much easier.

Maybe it would've been nice if she just lived in BH City.

Carla muttered under her breath. Her phone rang as soon as she finished her words.

She took out her phone and stared at it. It was Terence.

'Speak of the devil and he comes.' She couldn't help but think about it.

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