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   Chapter 653 Men And Women, Never Feel Exhaustion (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5412

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"Is there anything that I can't handle at work?" Terence confidently hugged her and asked with a proud smile on his face.

After all, Terence was a very capable man who could handle any task set in front of him.

He was angry all due to a very stupid mistake which could have been prevented, if only he was not tired to death.

Relieved to hear her husband's words, Carla was very thankful that the problem was not too serious as she thought.

"Oh, I see. Then go to sleep now. I'm going back to my parents' house tomorrow. After all, today is Friday and I promised that I'd be back before next Friday," Carla said.

But Terence wasn't sleepy at all. And now that he heard that Carla was about to leave the next day, all he wanted was to spend more time with her. He then raised her chin and kissed her lips feverishly like he never wanted the night to end.

"Hey, Terence, that's enough! How can I possibly go visit my mother tomorrow morning if you keep on doing that?"

Carla gasped for breath as she tried hard to push him away. But she hadn't expected that her resistance only made Terence's desire and grasp more violent.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore. I'll just ask the driver to take you tomorrow morning. You can sleep in the car if you want... "

And upon hearing him say that, Carla had finally given up with her resistance and went along with another round with Terence.

The sun rose high in the sky and it soon became yet another morning.

Being true to his words, Terence had arranged for an RV to take her back to HA City.

And being tired as she was, Carla slept the

and, and that she was now his rightful and lawfully wedded wife.

And it didn't really matter to her if her husband truly loved her or not.

On top of that, Carla was now her sister-in-law. And since they were family, they should be friendlier and more generous to each other. Clinging to the past wouldn't help any of them and they should just all move forward.

"Is this Rock? Aren't you just lovely! Come over here and give your aunt a hug!"

Carla clapped her hands and said while looking at the lovely boy in Julie's arms.

Rock was only about seven or eight months old. He looked fat and fair skinned, but was still not really that good with strangers. Seeing Carla's unfamiliar face, Rock shyly dodged away, turned his body around Carla and just hugged Julie's neck.

"Ha-ha. Why are you so shy, my little Rock?" Carla made a joke with a happy smile on her face so as to appear friendly to the child.

"Carla, Julie, don't just stand at the door. Come in now! "

Andrea said. She then held Carla's hand and took her into the room, smiling from ear to ear.

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